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Living in America



I was thinking about living in the U.S for a year. Saving some money up and doing it before i have kids etc just for the experience. My main reason for going would be lifting and learning about lifting. Obviously i'd like to travel around for a few to see everything but then settle somewhere.

A few questions.


Average living costs per month (i could get a job) but if i didn't.

Best place for surrounding myself with lifters? Being the biggest and strongest guy in my gym sucks balls. And really that is saying much.

Cheers guys


Avoid New Jersey.

I've read that Pittsburgh is good, but if I were you I'd go where it's warmer.


California...or since you're on this site, perhaps a trip to Colorado Springs, Colorado would be very beneficial. Or Elite FTS in Ohio. Just throwing them out there...


^^ they were the 2 places i had in mind.

California was in mind as aswell, maybe texas. I'm used to the heat living in Egypt but i wouldn't mind a little break from the heat but obviously not somewhere cold.

I'd try to avoid cali maybe otherwise i'd end up stalking Hallowed or maybe Gregron...


lolol this is only true because it's coming from someone who lives here. north/northeast jersey in particular is horrendously expensive, almost NYC expensive. and the farther east you go, the more crowded it gets. we're also getting a lot of flooding recently, which exacerbates long commutes. winters suck here (had two blizzards last winter that dropped a few feet of snow overnight). this past summer was pretty good though except for those two weeks of 100+ degree weather.

however, there is no shortage of gorilla guido juiceheads, especially in the Wayne area. so you will probably run into a lot of "big" guys here as long as you stay out of Planet Fatness.


My perception of Jersey has come from watching How i met your mother lol, also going off the movies i think the accent may make me kill myself, no offence.

I was looking for somwe where with a lot of outdoor workouts etc, strongman training and such. I know its hard to narrow it down based on this kind of info, but you get where i'm coming from?


Just look for famous gyms if your goal is lifting and live there. Cost of living is cheapest in the midwest and yes, Texas.

Mark Rippetoe runs a gym in Wichita Falls, Texas. Would be beneficial and relatively cheap. WF is a shitty town though, with not much else to do.


Idea of costs, say $1500 a month including bills/rent food?

Maybe cressey performance.. Its a shame T-Nation don't let you have a membership at their training facility.

The dream would be to go and live in CO with the guidance of the T-Nation staff and have a 12 month documented log, using their supps and their gym. Would be awesome.


Jersey all the way. Have you seen how jacked Ronnie and the situation are?


^^^ i'm lucky to have never seen an episode of jersey shore.


Cali is cool, but you have to check you brain at the border, and bring your checkbook, cause we can be had...

but we ain't cheap!




i hate how everyone thinks people from jersey have accents! i saw "cawfee", "wohhter" etc. and generally talk faster than people from the south or west but i don't say "joisey".

i don't know about outdoor gyms but there are a bunch of good ones here. one (or more) of the members here goes to strong and shapely in East Rutherford (watch the virtual tour, pure awesome) and i believe Defranco's gym is in Wyckoff, both relatively close to the other and to NYC.


Just what i've seen, like i said no offence, guess its the same when people think all Enlgihs people sound like the queen.

Jersey may not be a bad idea, close NYC etc a few weeks of 100+ degree weather wouldn't bother me in summer either, like i said i live in Egypt, used to line in Manchester so i'm also used to below freezing as well.

Could be good, living cost range?


$1500 a month is pretty weak dude.You would need to live in a small town but I don't think you'd have much left for professional training.


Fair enough, i have no idea what an average salary would be like etc or generally costs of utilities and stuff.

Would an average job somewhere get me around $1000 say?


When you say average job, what do you mean?

Retail, labor, professional jobs requiring a degree...


^^ retail/labour/warehousing etc.. i actually have my own company here in egypt, but obviously it's not something i can move around the world, i'm a quick learner so i could pretty much do anything (no degree)


greeter at Wal-Mart can make up to $56 per day in Cali ~


Speaking of jobs, what is the situation with jobs in America? Is it as bad as in Europe? Where are the best states to find employment, particularly in technical areas such as engineering?
Also what states rank highest in terms of low cost of living/high salaries?
Like Marzouk, I too would love to tour the US of A.