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Living In A College Dorm


How old is too old to be staying in a dorm? Im asking this as im moving to a big city to complete the third year of my degree. Ive just turned 20 and have never stayed in college housing before as I lived close but im just wondering if id be the odd one out.

The reason i want to stay in a dorm as I know living on campus will be so much better for me, as ill find it much easier to study, the librarys always on hand and the gym there is awesome. I also dont want to end up flatting with some douchebags as i found last year its really hard not to drop to their level.


Live on campus! It's great fun if you've never done it before. 20 is not old at all for dorm life. The advantages are incredible: women all around you, driving-free partying, instant social life, staff that clean the bathrooms for you. It's great.

Just so you know you're not too old, my freshman year there was a guy who was 36 years old on our hall. THAT was too old, especially since he was gross.


Dude, I thought you were gonna say you're like 40 and considering living on a dorm.

20 is the PERFECT age to live on dorm.


I just turned 23 and recently spent my first quarter at my new school in the dorms. I was very much concerned that I was going to be 4-5 years older than everyone else and be totally out of place, but it hasn't been bad at all. I am definitely at the high end of the age range but not out of place at all. I'd estimate that at least 20% of dorm people here are over 20. One of my roommates is 23 going on 24, and they don't make any effort to match people by age- that's purely by chance.

Anyway, I fit in just fine, and nobody here seems to care about age differences in the 18-24 range. It's great because I loves me some younger girls!! I'd come back next year if not for the fact that it's so difficult to eat clean in the dorm setting.

Like the other person said, 20 is perfect.


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