Living in a 24/7 Gym

Hypothetically asking for an imaginary definitely not a soon to be homeless brah who’s not me.

Perhaps some of y’all have had this strange idea come into your head before.

What are the practicalities/impracticalities involved? Food/Cooking? Sleeping?

Is this ethical/legal? Weird sure but according to a browse of some stuff online many would consider using a gym as a cheap hotel no bueno?

Sounded like a good idea at first, considering how rent is where I’m at, but would probably require more than just a gym membership.

For example how could I spam GIF all over T-Nation if I didn’t have wifi or a charger for my devices? IMO car is required at least or proximity to stuff like laundromats, a public library etc.

What about food/cooking? I love me a good steak but eating out at a steakhouse kind of defeats the whole purpose. KFC everyday it is.

This is all hypothetical tho… brb signing up at a 24hr gym and packing car with belongings.

Thoughts/Ideas (no matter how out there or crazy)?

Don’t do a 24/Hour. Find a local chain that’s 24/7. Make friends with office manager.

Someone was doing this already at a place me and some co workers used to go for lunch. You could probably move in with him if you wanted.The area is pretty nice and plenty big enough. There’s wifi all over the place and plenty of food.

My one co-worker spotted him after having to pick up his girlfriend at various times and we became suspicious, so we started checking him out, and sure enough, he was living there.

When the NPC does the Pittsburgh Classic the place becomes a zoo of mass monsters too. Between the nearby hotels, LA Fitness, and Market District with a gigantic buffet of prepared foods it becomes like a little bodybuilders paradise for 1 week a year. There’s also a supp. store right around the corner from the gym toward the cellphone store.

And subject to personal tastes, but the place is also utterly loaded with 20something to milf range women. Super high density of mid to high quality. On a nice summer day its like a garden that blooms awesome yoga pants babes.


My buddy got an overpriced apartment just to be near that complex. It is real nice to have a million restaurants and things to do right beside the gym.

@khangles: it used to be a joke that guys would live out of their van by Venice Beach Gold’s Gym because they couldn’t afford rent there.

A guy lived in a camper by the gym I trained at in high school. It’s been done. As long as you sleep somewhere other than the gym you aren’t “inhabiting” the place or breaking tenant/occupancy laws. Good luck getting a girlfriend or holding down a job with no address. Might want to list your parent’s place on job applications.

Also, not sleeping in a real bed seriously messes you up in the medium/long term - you’re unable to fall into a proper deep sleep and as a consequence you end up walking dazed while you’re cognitive functions are severely impaired.

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The beauty in that place is all of the surrounding amenities. Settlers cabin is right across from there with a wave pool and diving platforms in the summer. All of the promotional stuff and parties that they have, etc.

The one dude asked me if I thought it was weird. I responded that if thats your thing, its freakin genius. There couldn’t be a better place.

I’m totally a live in a house guy, but some of the drillers and pipeline guys that live at the wal-mart should step it up a notch and move their camper rigs into the Ridge too.

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For clarification, most campers these days-


They’re actually pretty nice.


Yes, but usually people who don’t sleep in a proper bed for monetary reasons cannot afford them.

Bud these campers are nice - I rented them a few times for skiing trips with the kids.

I’ve thought about this numerous times just as a way to “escape from the daily grind.” I wouldn’t do it now, but I think a car is a must, it’ll serve as shelter from the cold, keep the manager from kicking you out for sleeping in the gym, and provides a bed and a place to cry in privately (you know you will).

Find a gym with clean showers and no one will know where you. The key will be to NOT LOOK like a homeless person. If you are able to land a job, you’ll save a ton of money on rent and cable.

Relatively fancy lel

Brainstorming, if I had to pick a spot it’d be in or near my university wherever there’s free parking.

Got the library, wifi, student amenities e.g. microwave and sleeping bean bags, women (not many MILFs tho but not really my thing anyways). Got friends living in shared accommodations all around (could just live/share with them to save $$$ but shut up and let me have my scenario). Study, nap, chill with friends, lift with friends ez.

24/7 Gym is on campus but not run by uni but by a local chain. Small but it has enough. Another gym under the same chain is located about 15 minutes walk away (strange location to be fair) which is much better equipped but for SBD how much do you really need.

Walking distance to everything more or less: laundromat, fast food, supermarkets, banks, other shit in the shopping centre I don’t know of etc.

Still feel like I’m missing something tho…

In a city like New York there is no shortage of gyms to choose from. In this article I’ve selected the top gyms in the financial district.

I used to work graveyard at 24hr fitness, I had random sketchy members come in and just pass out on a bench in the hot tub room. I never bothered them.

Been homeless 2x and here are some tips.
-use the gym for well, the gym, but also towels, shower, locker etc etc but ideally don’t sleep there
-in a lot of strip malls and complexes a lot of units being unused are unlocked and there is way more privacy and you’re less likely to be woken up by random noises as they have set hours:)
-if you are in school, just sleep there in an empty classroom or hallway, a lot of colleges buildings are unlocked 247 or if you work some jobs may let you stay there if your boss is cool
-public libraries have a ton of resources and help for the homeless besides ac and sleeping there and entertainment, where I live they have a thing that they will bus you around for free if you are homeless and sign up
-fast food is most convenient but tbh most of what i ate was ramen, compleats, and campbells chunky soup lol. you can get 5-10 cans of soup for the average fast food meal. it sucks eating that but its more food for less or equivalent money
-also there is soup kitchens and food banks everywhere, so you shouldn’t need to pay for food most soup kitchens offer at least 1 meal everyday, some even have 3 and if you come in in the morning they will give you a lunch in a paper bag if you can’t be there for the actual meal
-stay the fuck away from homeless people, most of them are homeless for a reason. there is a difference between being homeless and being a homeless person. being homeless made me hate homeless people a lot and i didn’t before i was homeless.