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Livin' Da Life


I don't know what to make of this video. :slight_smile:


Zero drama took place when The Jersey Shore of bodybuilding gave out advice. The big muscles prevented it.

Kinda funny, what else is there to say?


Thos guys looked so dumb and then I hit fast forward to found out that homeboy has a lisp.

So many lulz.


I can’t watch it again. I think they were driving a Hummer. I’d like that. :wink:


I got about a minute in and had to stop watching.


Twelve minutes was a bit much for me to sit through, so I skipped around.

I think a person would have had to watch chapters 1-6 of the series for that video to make sense. Didn’t hold my interest, but I’m sure someone got something out of it.


To be honest, two built dudes explaining how they stay on their ‘diets’ while eating out at a typical restaurant (ie. Cheesecake factory) isn’t a bad idea. However, they took way too long to say anything really useful, talking over each other by repeating what they were going to actually be teaching you, and not really having much in the way of entertaining, or engaging presentations.

Initially, I didn’t think there would be anything worthwhile in the piece. Two built dudes, doing everything at a public shopping mall to draw attention to themselves doesn’t exactly scream “listen up, here’s some useful advice”, but it could have been a lot worse. I would have made the entire thing a 3-5 minute clip, possibly explaining several options on the menu, and how you could personalize them to adhere to your own dietary restrictions. Just ordering what most people would expect from ‘meatheads’ (lots of meat, some veggies, some rice), and telling people why, isn’t exactly Earth shattering, especially when you’re talking about how many of your clients have to eat out normally, and can’t bother preparing their own food.

From what I’ve gleaned from the limited selection you youtube videos I’ve watched, there’s certainly a hell of a lot worse out there, in terms of information as well as entertainment value.



I’m not knocking the video per se. As much as I think some of is corny, I also think it’s kind of cool. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it here. There was a time in my life that I look back on with fondness where I actually kind of revolved my whole life around the gym, and so did some of my friends. No, I don’t mean we were all competitive bodybuilders, but much of life was centered around this one gym and the places around it.

I’ve never been vain, but I hung out and worked out in the same gym as some VERY vain guys who dressed like those two in the videos. Definitely not bad guys, but very vain. I worked out at a certain gym in my late teens and early twenties that would become so goddamn packed in the summer time that you wouldn’t know what the heck to do with yourself. I mean guido central! You’d go out to a club or to the beach and you’d see the whole damn gym there, just dozens of juiced up, tanned, shaved, eyebrow-tweezed guidos who thought they were the hottest shit in the world. Surprisingly, some looked very good despite not having a damn clue about what they should exactly be doing. They just made sure to always be active and in the gym, do a ton of cardio, lift on whatever routine, and eat their egg whites, protein powder, chicken, and whole wheat toast.

I thought I was the hottest shit because I had SOME (not a lot of) muscle at the time and loved wearing my Perfetto tank tops and guido shirts I bought at Musclemag International. I’d just love lifting, showering, changing and then hanging out at some outdoor restaurant or bar. No one had a damn care in the world. Yeah, I was a cornball, but I was happy, and if I had a time machine would do it again.