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Livestream Debate Between Danny Bossa and Viking Alternative Medicine


Ye well this is what I mean when Im saying ure way too emotional, anyone with an analytical mind just shuts off and disregard you as a “fool” when it happends.

People question you and you go crazy with CAPITAL LETTERS, then you do this:

“none of you can grasp simple concepts. This place isn’t worth my time.”

I mean, Its not really surprising people wont listen to you, is it? You are acting like you have too high e2 levels. Now, calm down, Im not saying you do, … but maybe you do, cause you are showing the behaviour of it, very emotionally reactive and you go nuts cause people question your arguments, I find the same within myself when I let my e2 run high, actually.

SO calm down, and Im sure people will listen way more.

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And Im the opposite of that misconception. E is running high and I have no emotional attachment to my posts. How’s that for a counter point? It’s like expecting your voice to change or your dick to grow 2” because of excessive T.

Yep, we all very different, very individual. When e2 too low I feel zero emotion, when too high i get emotionally attached to everything (and anything), finding myself arguing like a crazy person about nonsense on the internet, hugely invested and identifying so much with it.


I wonder if you will ever once provide any constructive, helpful or relevant information on this forum. My guess is no.

I wonder if you ever will realise some people might actually not strive on having high - or even moderate - estrogen levels, due to their individual biological system. My guess is no.

(Waiting for: NOOT AA SIINGLE BLALBLA!! -outrage).

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Great. Provide evidence.

But you can’t, can you. So your ‘opinion’ is bro science just like the rest of what you say.

You’re the very definition of a low IQ individual who hasn’t figured out that they are low IQ (due to the low IQ), and go around forums telling demonstrably intelligent people how dumb they are.

You’re like crashnet. Constantly spewing bro science and when asked to provide evidence all you can do is share your own anecdotal personal experience because you have literally nothing credible beyond that.

You don’t even have sufficient intellect to realize that there is virtually nobody on this forum who looks to you for genuine advice or help. I know you can’t see it. It’s the low IQ. It isn’t your fault.

You and crashnet can continue to play in your sandbox together. I’ve got to go reply to Neal Rouzier’s latest email to me and arrange a doctor’s roundtable with the grown-ups

Have fun.

Oh. So now you start calling people “low IQ” too, just because they dont agree with your nonsense.

So this far, uve called people dumb, retarded, you have sperged out with CAPITAL LETTERS like a PMS-woman, and now you actually start throwing around stuff like IQ.

This, coming from a dude who obviously cannot read studies and who cannot ever accept different opinions than his own (which is negatively correlated with IQ, by the way).

With that said, I do most likely have higher IQ than you, just looking at academic achievements, but that is obviously OffTopic so wont get into that.

It comes to no surprise you have problems with so many people, you just cannot accept anyone not agreeing with you, you are incredible frail mentally, and I would assume you have suffered lots of social consequences cause of this.

Now please continue making a fool out of yourself, your status is in the ground by now and you keep digging yourself deeper and deeper down.

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Sorry… I need to make a correction here:

Low IQ and delusional.

That’s better. Have a good one.


Literally everyone who avocate high e2 end Up sperging out totally, going crazy on here. Such an interesting correlation.

Exactly. The studies are nonsense, i dont even think he understand how to Read Them to be honest.

Nowhere near as badly as you spell, I can assure you of that.

Now our dear Danny is on utube calling actual scientists “androgen deficent” cause they disagree with him. This gets better by the Day.

I Wonder how much time he got left before the mental hospital

@dbossa and @equel

Please feel free to debate all you want, but let’s keep things professional. The back-and-forth name calling and insults are getting old.



Sure. Danny why dont u provide us with some studies showing harm using low dose ai, cause it is so dangerous, right? I mean you told us Danny, where are the studies? We are so curious.

I provided several above. The ones below the toxicity studies. The ones you ignored. I have a little over 100 studies on this one topic. I don’t waste time providing any more because everyone I post either gets ignored or I get told it isn’t valid. Yet you can’t provide even one to demonstrate your positon.

This is why conversing with you is pointless. It’s simple, really, but you don’t get it.

@equel right here

If you want to say all these studies are worthless, then provide your own studies to demonstrate your position. If you refuse to demonstate your position you have no business debating anything. Can you demonstrate your position, yes or no.

No you did not. Where is THE study showing HARM with low dose ai when testosterone kept high? Where are the studies showing its HARMFUL to Keep estrogen within normal Range? We see none, please show us. And not this 7mg of arimidex a week crap, thankyouverymuch.

We waiting.


It’s really amazing to me to see just how
Much time some
Of you waste arguing on this site.

Life is short. Too short.

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