LiveSpills: Yes or No?

As all of you have seen, T-Nation has recently updated its site. I love how the articles are now able to directly publish into facebook, etc., but I absolutely loathe the LiveSpills.

They sound good in theory, but end up just being a huge clusterfuck of people chiming in with a single keystroke. Its bad enough that people never take the time to form meaningful sentences before submitting posts in the forums, now they have an even easier outlet.

The HP Mass articles CT just released are a perfect example: Nobody is going to read through all the retarded questions and then find where CT answers 20 lines down. And when he does answer, one must search for who and what he is answering. The forums, as basic as they are, at least allow quotes and you could go directly to the man himself (or his posts).

So I am voting “yes” on the suck factor. If you agree, chime in. If not, that’s ok too.