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Livespill Comments Should Work Like Reddit Comments!


Being able to upvote the best comments to the top of the livespill (and downvote the poor comments) would be pretty sweet. Thoughts?


Wouldn't that put the whole livespill out of order?


this isn't god damn twitter (if you can even do that on twitter)

The whole point of a livespill (which fails miserably) is to foster discussion...but since authors are innundated with retarded comments, it is nearly impossible to track who the authors are responding to when they answer questions.

Livespills have got to go

I've got a post coming out asking people what they think, if it makes it through moderation.




Nope. See this for an example of how this works http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/ecyca/iama_natural_bodybuilder_ama/

I agree with you about retarded questions and difficult to track answers. I think reddit style comments is a better solution than getting rid of the livespills though. See the above, or this for examples. http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/9oygt/i_gained_35_lbs_of_lean_muscle_mass_in_the_past/

I haven't read either of these links, so I can't comment on how interesting they are, but they do show how a different format can make discussions easier to follow. And the best comment threads (as upvoted by the community) will be the ones at the top.

Way better than what we have now.


No they shouldn't. On reddit you up vote a topic, not certain passages of the topic. It would make the livespill's even more confusing. Shit would be all over the place.


Do you know every topic has a comments page? This is what I'm referring to. I think the livespill comments should emulate reddit comments. That way, every comment would have it's own thread or be in an already existing thread. This would eliminate the authors having to write @username -- You would know exactly who is being responded to. Did you even look at the links I posted??


So, just add a reply button to each post. Make the replies cascade. Yeah, that would make sense, but not up votes.


It's tough to predict how well voting would work on here (It works well on reddit, but who knows if it would transfer). But having a reply button would for sure make the livespill better.