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I have a question that has been bothering the hell out of me for sometime now. I know of a guy who swears that dessicated liver is the perfect thing to make you grow. Now after doing some research I have found that this is not neccesary in a normal diet.The problem is this guy is telling kids to eat this shit and they will grow huge. Is there some truth to this? or is it what I think it is, BULLSHIT? Thanks for any replies.

Think of what the liver does – it’s a filter. For humans, there’s a means of detoxing the liver by use of salymarin (sp?), found in milk thistle. A cow’s liver performs the same function, but I seriously doubt they go through a detox cycle before slaughter. All that crap they filter out just stays there. Do you want to eat that? I don’t care if a clean liver will make me grow, I know what I can get my hands on (in the way of liver) isn’t clean. No thanks. And I don’t think your friend is doing those kids any service.

Thanks for the reply, this is exactly my sentiments. Just for the record, this is not a freind of mine, but someone on a different board trying to be the bigman and give out shit advice.

Well I guess this post got some attention. Someone copied it word for word and put it on the other site I was talking about.Of course the retaliation from this guy was bullshit.Claiming that liver is heated and therefore the shit in it is gone. But maybe s0omeone will get the right idea out of this. I don’t know.