Liver Values

What’s up guys, I recently got my blood work back and I am still in awe. I haven’t used anabolics since june 2008 where I finished with a nolva pct. In october I got my bw done and although my cholesterol levels were out of whack my ast was a 20 on a 10-40 ref range and my alt was 27 on a 9-60 reference range. Total test was 579

I got more blood work done and my ast was a 79 on a 10-40 scale and alt was a 157 on 9-60, while my test dropped to in the 400’s, estradiol was also 41 which is a bit higehr than i’d life. I am absolutely dumbfounded as I haven’t used anything since that time. The only products I have used are tribulus, ephedra for a week, amino acids, and protein. I drink maybe 1-2 times a week, smoke marijuana every once in a while but I did those two things on average the same before my first blood work test. How is it possible that my liver values could spike so drastically in 6 months? Any help would be appreciated.

If you put your liver through any stress (drinking, etc) within a week prior to having bloodwork, your liver values will be raised. I have experienced this first hand, drinking a couple margaritas 4 days before my bw and it showed my liver to be out of whack. But my values were no where near yours…no offense.

Alcohol also lowers T levels, so I would point to the alcohol consumption to being a major contributor to the problem. Tylenol has been shown to raise liver enzymes as well as many OTC medications.

I got the bloodwork done on a tuesday and drank extremely heavily on saturday, I don’t take tylenol but take advil once in a while. But I never drink more than twice a week and its generally just one time, so unfortunately it doesn’t seem like its that simple

Am I missing something? say you drank heavily on saturday and got bw done on tueday after? that is only allowing 3 days to get you liver back to normal, which is not going to happen. You liver is the filter to you entire body, it has to filter out normal toxins everyday, on top of alcohol and other OTC meds or supps. If you want to get accurate bw, stop drinking for at least 2 weeks, don’t take any OTC meds, then get your bw done.

You are giving us limited info to work with.

As jukebox said, at least some of it could be due to your recent drinking.

Saturday-Tuesday… presumably that means Saturday night, and given that you would have fasted (right?) before your blood test, Tuesday morning. That’s just over 2 1/2 days. In fact, the more you drank on average over the last month, the higher your liver results will be. It takes a while for them to fully normalize.

THC supposedly is capable of binding to estrogen receptors. I don’t think it does so to any significant degree, but it’s probably not doing your numbers any favors.

If I was you I’d just cut back heavily on the partying for several weeks and get retested.

[quote]jb99 wrote:
I got the bloodwork done on a tuesday and drank extremely heavily on saturday, I don’t take tylenol but take advil once in a while. But I never drink more than twice a week and its generally just one time, so unfortunately it doesn’t seem like its that simple[/quote]

I suspect you drink heavily (ie. to get drunk) once to twice a week… fri/sat kinda thing, am i correct?

This is binge drinking and more dangerous to the liver than small amounts everyday. Even if you just drink the 21 units recommended per week in one-two sittings, it isnt the point.

Your liver may be weak - and have nothing to do with the AAS you have used. Injectable Test should have little bearing on liver function anyways. I personally think you may have liver problems in the future if you dont look at stopping the drinking - some people are just unlucky. Consider yourself lucky you actually did tests and now know that you may have a weak liver.

Weed also reduces testosterone levels, and i assume you smoke tobacco too?

Did you just do testosterone or did you do nandrolone too or any other AAS?


I don’t smoke tobacco and yeah I generally get drunk once or twice a week. No doubt binge drinking is unhealthy, my concern is how everything stayed relatively the same the past 6 months yet my ast went from 27 to 157?

I have used test, deca, winny, var, dbol, and eq, but as I mentioned early I have not used in 1 year. I’m cutting out the weed for sure as my test levels should not have dropped that dramatically. No doubt this past month I drank more than I am used to, however, I read that in alcohol related issues with the liver the ast will be higher than the alt? Any truth to that?

I forgot to include my triglycerides were 181 where ref range was <150 which again is abnormal because supposedly when you lower your cholesterol you will lower triglycerides, my cholesterol lowered from 197 to 147 and ldl went from 149 to 77, so I am thinking the high triglycerides might indicate a problem outside of the drinking like gall stones?

hypertriglyceridemia is worsened by alcohol, estrogens, diabetes, obesity. nondrug treatment is restrict your dietary fat, alcohol, and excess carbs. niacin(B3) not niacinamide will help decrease your trigylcerides and Fatty Acids. it will cause flushing, you will piss alot. but it can help.