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Liver Values Are 6-8x Normal Range


Been lurking since I started training about 2 years ago. Never had much to post about but I thought yall might have an opinion on this. I posted it to Reddit's r/steroids but it got very little exposure.
How severe is this? How close to failure am I? I read that once levels exceed 5x normal levels, then they begin to investigate. So, is 8 times really cause for alarm?

Im on day 12 of a 30/30/x/x/x/x cycle of Epistane. I've stopped and have hopped up on dat dere Nolv. Past cycles have been two Halodrol cycles (dosages up to 150mg)
I am 19 years old.
Ive been sick and bedridden for 3 days, which I thought was just a nasty ass kratom hangover (first time doing a high dose), so I did not wanna see the doc. But after 3 days I figured I'd go in.

Doc does not know about my use/abuse. They want more tests now. I drank the weekend before I started but haven't since beginning the cycle. I'm most likely going to be upfront and honest with my Doc, but if this isn't as severe as I'm making it out to be, then I don't want to. Just being honest.
Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks


quit the stane, no drinking, be honest with your doctor


Be honest with your Doc. They have to treat you and the best way they can do that is to have all of the information. Give them the ability to do the best job possible. They may give you a speech about the dangers but can’t really do anything else.

Also, don’t drink during preload, on cycle or PCT. It’s stupid and ultimately dangerous too.


Can’t doctors tell your insurance and then your essentially fucked for life?


you are 19 years old? no kidding?


So tell them that you a PH that you bought off ebay. All of the PH’s from the last few years are still legal for sale and consumption, they just can’t produce them anymore. You need to be as honest as you can be to get the most accurate treatment possible. Let’s just say that everything you’ve taken was over the counter. You should be good.