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Liver Test was Abnormal


I really didn't know which forum to put this in....

So about 10mo ago and about a month ago I got blood tests. And in both of these my liver test came back abnormal/low.

The first time, my Doctor told me to stop all supplements. I was only taking fish oil and creatine at the time. I stopped the creatine and the blood test was still abnormal.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what I can do to help my liver?

Before anyone gets up on their high horse, I have a doctors appointment...but it's not for another month...so in the mean time I'd like not to sit around on my ass. I gotta figure something out in the mean time.


I went through this exact same ordeal a few years back. Enzymes were found to be higher than normal. I had liver/kidney scans, bone marrow aspirations and a battery of other blood tests. Nothing could be pinpointed as the problem. Since then I have read that many athletes training heavily experience this.

The breakdown of tissue filters through the liver and produces these abnormal results. I would suggest to continue to get tested but keeep this in mind. If any one else has had this experience please chime in.


What does your diet look like?


What liver test, specifically, and what were the numbers?
Do you drink alcohol or take ibuprofen like drugs for pain?
I guess if you could get a little more specific I can get you some info (I work in the health field).


precisely...most intensely training athletes will have slightly elevated liver enzymes...mine are tested about every six months and run consistenly high (just slightly) nothing to worry about. The other thing that can be a factor is meds you may be prescribed for other conditions...any med that stated do not consume with alcohol (or alcohol itself) is likely to elevate liver enzymes.


If you could find some information on this that would be VERY helpful. Thanks!


Carb Cycling, about 4200 calories a day (6days a week, 1 off day), 400,300,200g of carbs (hi/med/low day respectively)

Here is a breakdown of my 'high' carb day
Serving Size
Cereal 2 C
Milk 1 C
Bananas 1 M
Bread 2 Slices

Cereal 2 C
Apples 1 L
Milk 1 C

Jerky 2 oz
Oats 1 C
Blueberries 1/2 C

Whey 2 scp
Chicken 6 oz
Almonds 28g

Burger Patty 1 patty
Rice 1 C
Carrots 100g

PWN (Surge)
Para- 1 shake
Post- 1 shake, rice

Eggs 2 egg
Liq. Egg Whites 1/2 Cup
Roni 1 oz
Almonds 28g

Hopefully this pastes from excel properly and doesn't look like jumbled shit.


I'll post the numbers tonight when I get home. My fiance is a PA and looked at the results and talked with her Dr. friend at work and they both came to the "supplements" conclusion.

I drink about once every 2-3 months and rarely take ibuprofen for pain.

Any help is greatly appreciated! :slightly_smiling:


I doubt it's the fish oil. I would ask for a CT scan or MRI of your liver to rule out hemangioma.
Have you ever been tested for Hep A/B/C/D/E? Hep A especially can cause abnormal liver enzyme readings across the board, but that is just a viral infection that your body fights and recovers from over time.

Do you have hereditary liver issues? Does your mom or dad have cirrhosis? Cirrhosis does not necessarily come from drinking alone.
You aren't eating a lot of fat (from what I see from your high carb day)...or are you on your low carb days?
Are you on ANY other drugs whatsoever? Cholesterol lowering? Anti-virals? Antidepressants?

I'm sorry for the grill...I'm a medicolegal death investigator, part of it is force of habit and other part is that there are too many factors to try to pinpoint the cause.

The other thing to keep in the back of your mind too is that if something is elevated that doesn't necessarily mean that it's bad...the "ranges" they give you in a blood test is the average of a bunch of schmucks that decided to participate in a program decades ago. Most of them didn't lift, I can guarantee you that! Most of us on this forum have BMI levels that put us in the obese category, for Christ's sake...and we're nowhere near obese (obesity is defined as more than 30 pounds overweight, meaning you have to lose 30 pounds of fat)...anyways for example my blood pressure is 90/55.

Every time I go to the doctor they ask me if I'm feeling faint or ok or OMG YOU SHOULD BE DEAD!! I get a kick out of that every time. But, my father and his mother have notoriously low blood pressure levels. It's normal for us. Does that make sense?


You wrote "So about 10mo ago and about a month ago I got blood tests. And in both of these my liver test came back abnormal/low."

So your enzyme levels came back "low" meaning below normal levels. Most issues with liver enzymes deal with liver enzyme elevation "high".

Has asked all the correct questions. Since I am a Family Nurse Practitioner my only question would be did they repeat the tests? Lab error is more common than people realize.


That's cool that you two have the same avatar!!

Hope everything's ok with ya buddy, I'm sure it's nothing :slight_smile:


I've had similar issues with my BUN and creatinine levels with my kidney function testing. My BUN seems to always be either slightly high such as 21 or 22 or high normal, like 20. But waht scared me this year was that my creatinine was higher than usual normal at 1.19, which is the highest it's been. Therefore, I stopped all creatine use since early May.

What enzymes in particular were abnormal?



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Obviously like has been mentioned B rock you need to supply the specific test and the range for that test, along with your value. However here is an excerpt from an old Cy Willson article you may wanna peep:

"Liver Function

Total Protein

This measures the total level of albumin and globulin in the body. Albumin is synthesized by the liver and as such is used as an indicator of liver function. It functions to transport hormones, enzymes, drugs and other constituents of the blood.

Globulins are the building blocks of your body's antibodies. Measuring the levels of these two proteins is also an indicator of nutritional status. Increased albumin levels can result from dehydration, while decreased albumin levels can result from malnutrition, pregnancy, liver disease, overhydration, inflammatory diseases, etc. Increased globulin levels can result from inflammatory diseases, hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol), iron deficiency anemia, as well as infections. Decreased globulin levels can result from hyperthyroidism, liver dysfunction, malnutrition, and immune deficiencies or disorders.

As another important side note, anabolic steroids, growth hormone, and insulin can all increase protein levels.

Normal range:

Total Protein: 6.4-8.3 g/dl
Albumin: 3.5-5 g/dl
Globulin: 2.3-3.4 g/dl

Albumin/Globulin Ratio:



Bilirubin is one of the many constituents of bile, which is formed in the liver. An increase in levels of bilirubin can be indicative of liver stress or damage/inflammation. Drugs that may increase bilirubin include oral anabolic steroids (17-AA), antibiotics, diuretics, morphine, codeine, contraceptives, etc. Drugs that may decrease levels are barbiturates and caffeine. Non-drug induced increased levels can be indicative of gallstones, extensive liver metastasis, and cholestasis from certain drugs, hepatitis, sepsis, sickle cell anemia, cirrhosis, etc.

Normal range:

Total Bilirubin for Adult
0.3-1.0 mg/dl

Alkaline Phosphatase

This enzyme is found in very high concentrations in the liver and for this reason is used as an indicator of liver stress or damage. Increased levels can stem from cirrhosis, liver tumor, pregnancy, healing fracture, normal bones of growing children, and rheumatoid arthritis. Decreased levels can stem from hypothyroidism, malnutrition, pernicious anemia, scurvy (vitamin C deficiency) and excess vitamin B ingestion. As a side note, antibiotics can cause an increase in the enzyme levels.

Normal range:

16-21 years
30-200 U/L

30-120 U/L

AST (Aspartate Aminotransferase, previously known as SGOT)

This is yet another enzyme that's used to determine if there's damage or stress to the liver. It may also be used to see if heart disease is a possibility as well, but this isn't as accurate. When the liver is damaged or inflamed, AST levels can rise to a very high level (20 times the normal value). This happens because AST is released when the cells of that particular organ (liver) are lysed. The AST then enters blood circulation and an elevation can be seen. Increased levels can be indicative of heart disease, liver disease, skeletal muscle disease or injuries, as well as heat stroke. Decreased levels can be indicative of acute kidney disease, beriberi, diabetic ketoacidosis, pregnancy, and renal dialysis.

Normal range:

0-35 U/L (Females may have slightly lower levels)

ALT (Alanine Aminotransferase, previously known as SGPT)

This is yet another enzyme that is found in high levels within the liver. Injury or disease of the liver will result in an increase in levels of ALT. I should note however, that because lesser quantities are found in skeletal muscle, there could be a weight-training induced increase . Weight training causes damage to muscle tissue and thus could slightly elevate these levels, giving a false indicator for liver disease. Still, for the most part, it's a rather accurate diagnostic tool. Increased levels can be indicative of hepatitis, hepatic necrosis, cirrhosis, cholestasis, hepatic tumor, hepatotoxic drugs, and jaundice, as well as severe burns, trauma to striated muscle (via weight training), myocardial infarction, mononucleosis, and shock.

Normal range:

4-36 U/L "

link to full article http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sex_news_sports_funny_grok/level_with_me_doc_how_long_have_i_got


Thanks for the article link Damage! Interesting stuff, i wish Cy has more time to put some sick articles like that out still.

Here are my numbers:
Test: 225 NG.DL
Liver: ALT: 53 & AST: 47
Cholesterol: 188 mg/dl
Vit D: 26 ng/mL

As promised...


This, from what I scanned, explains the levels well, what's normal and what's not, and what it means.
I apologize but I just got home from the gym, and I GOTTA EAT! LOL...


Doc didn't say anything about THIS???


Were these numbers from 1 week into your PCT (you said that you got blood work done 1 week into PCT in your other thread)? That would explanin the low test since your HPTA probably wasn't recovered 1 week into PCT, but I would think that after running a methylated DS (such as Havoc/EPI) that you liver enzymes would be elevated.


LOL shame on you B rock if this is true and you left out this vital info. I do vaguely remember reading about some recent cycles of yours, Havoc I think but I can't remember the time frame.


Ooops..sorry everyone, yeah I must have combined the two threads I started in my mind. Here is the other one:


SO yeah, this WAS after week one of my PCT, so I didn't really 'fret' about my test levels.