Liver Support For Cirrhosis

I know this is gonna be a weird question but i just found out my step dad has cirrhosis of the liver. i was wondering if anyone knew if some type of liver support could help at all. not to make it better, just help it from getting worse.

I would be worried a doctor would give me some lame answer like they do anytime a supplement is brought up so im asking all of you. i figured this would be the best place to ask so please dont flame me. any info would be very, very helpful and appreciated. thank you.

ALA, NAC…and maybe milk thistle, but definitley ALA. Go research ALA and liver conditions, pretty promising…

Homeopathy. I’m thinking a fifth of Old Granddad per day, diluted 10,000,000:1.

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OP is his cirrhosis caused by alcohol? There are (albeit less common) causes.