Liver Supplements

My son came home from the gym today and asked me to buy him liver pills, someone told him they were taking them. Do people still take liver pills and are they worth it. I know we used to take like 20 per day 20 years ago. Any insight would be appreciated.

I’m pretty sure that there are better, much better things that you could get him, such as some Surge or GROW! If you search for “liver tabs” you’ll find that they are basically a big joke.

piper1, yeah, I agree with CU AeroStallion on this one. They’re still around, but liver tabs are really old school. And worse, your son would do better eating the real thing.

Liver is often recommended for those who have iron deficiencies, but my objection to it is that the liver is one of the main organs of detoxification. If the cows from which the liver was harvested were injected with antibiotics and steroids and ate off of fields that were sprayed with pesticides, he’s going to end up ingesting all of that and adding to his toxic load.

Print up a copy of “Solving the Post-Workout Puzzle,” I & II, and give it to your son along with a tub of Surge. He’s more likely to achieve his goals focusing on PWO nutrition, than taking liver tabs by the handful.