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Liver Stress

Can someone give some general guidance as to how to avoid stressing the liver with AAS usage.

I’ve gleaned from this site that injectables are safer than orals, but why is that? Is that always the case, i.e., are any injectables harmful on the liver, or is it more a matter of how much injectable is used? Also, I’ve heard that some injectables can be taken orally - does this scenario tax the liver more?

Also, what about non-steroidal drugs like Clomid, or even ephedrine? Are they particularly taxing?

Ever hear of Milk Thistle? It’s been used for thousands of years to treat liver problems. In the early Middle Ages it was known as Marian Thistle in honor of the Blessed Virgin. This stuff’s been around for a while. If you are a drinker, or if you are on medication or AAS, you should definitely include Milk Thistle in your “stack” or “med cocktail.” You can get it from any drug store or health food store.

THe orals are harder on the liver than injectables because they are 17a. 17a makes it more usable by the body, and more harmful. Milk thistle is good, but if you don’t have any liver problems and don’t stay on orals too long, then I don’t think you really have much to worry about:)

Yep, milk thistle is good. It contains the silymarins which have been shown to increase liver cell turnover, and improve clinical outcomes in liver disease. Oral steroids are more toxic to the liver than injectables and the silymarins wont make up the difference. If you are interested in using orals, than something like milk thistle is a must. In addition, many drugs do tax the liver beyond AAS. Even some supplements do. I try to have periods of time (1-3 months at a time) where I take no supplments at all in order to give the ol’detoxifier a much needed rest.