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Liver stress from winny tabs?

I have found my favorite steroid and it is the high dose 50mg winny caps.i have done a 6 week cycle of100 mg a day with great results with deca at 400 mg a week…how bad would 10 weeks of 100mg to 150 mg a day of winny caps be on the liver 2 cycles a year with nac 2 tabs a day,1250 mg milk thistle,200mg alpha lipoic acid 3 times a day,and a couple of saw palmetto caps.i have deca also but i know thats not an issue with the liver if i add it in to stack…i love the winny caps but want to max dosage but try and do safely…thanks for any feedback

I was wondering about doing the same cycle. How hard is Winny on the hair? I have propecia and Rogaine. Should I be okay? I’m not really looking to get any bigger just ripped. Brock please let me know about the hair issue. I want to stack Finasol in to. How is that on the hair?