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Liver Question


I recenlty went in to have blood work done with my doctor and she told me that my liver enzymes were very high along with my colesterol levels.

She sent me to a liver specialist and he told me that muscle enzymes and liver enzymes resemble each other. He told me to stop working out for a month and have the blood work redone. Waited a month and had my blood work done again and the liver enzymes have dropped down, he told me to wait another month and have blood work done again.

My questions is; does anyone know if the gear I was using a month prior to my blood work increase my liver enzymes?

I'm no longer using anything and not working out, driving me crazy. Any input would be appreciated.


I am no where near an expert, but oral gear can be extremely liver toxic. Your use of steroids should have been discussed in conjunction with your lab results, IMO.

My suggestion is even legal t-boosters should be taken with Milk Thistle Extract/Silymarin, Dandelion Root.

I dont have any experience with this, but Artichoke seems to have beneficial cholesterol altering tendencies.


I assume "lover function" in the previous link should be "liver" but hey, GO ARTICHOKE if not.


I used injectibles and unfortunatly my doctor and the liver specialist don't have any clue as to what the gear will do to the system. I know that they'll increase the colesteral levels.


Lots of things can elevate liver enzymes;

  • Gear
  • Over-Training
  • Over-Eating
  • Many Medications (over counter and scripted)
  • Alcohol
  • Masturbation (just kidding)

Steroids that don't readliy aromatize tend
to lower HDL cholesterol and raise LDL cholesterol.

Steroids can also induce cholestasis in the liver.

You only have one liver. Take good care of it.


Amidst all we know today, in modern medicine, it never ceases to amaze me the poor and uninformed advice doled-out by some physicians. I.E. The overwhelming majority of clinical data supports both cardiovascular and resistance training exercise, and their respective benefit(s) on liver function. That is, of course, barring excessive overtraining/over-reaching, substance use/abuse, and/or poor nutritional habits.

Therefore, I'd personally find it offensive if my physician recommended I stop exercising as the temporary 'cure' to what you've listed in your post.

Okay, that aside, b/c to learn your entire medical and lifestyle history/status would take far longer than either you could explain or my ADD could handle in this email format, here's a few helpful supplements that anyone especially concerned about their liver, as well as overall health should be taking:

-NAC (N-acetylcysteine): 600mg-4g per day, taken in divided doses w/ fat-containing meals.

-Taurine: 100mg-500mg, per Kg bodyweight, per day, taken in divided doses PRIOR to meals or carbohydrate loads.

-rALA (reduced Alpha Lipoic Acid): 300mg-600mg per day; consume on an empty stomach, in divided doses throughout the day (or, as a single bolus immediately post-workout, prior to carbohydrate re-loading). If taken in it's non-reduced form, combine w/ not less than 10mg NADH.

-Betaine (also referred to as TMG, or trimethylglycine): 600mg-6g per day; consume in divided doses, w/ protein-rich meals (one dose should be immediately post-workout w/ protein replenishment)

I've written a revised monograph on each of the aforementioned in an upcoming sports nutrition textbook for Humana Press, that was commissioned by the ISSN (International Society of Sports Nutrition); the book is set to go into print by the end of Q1 of this year if you'd like to learn the science behind why I made the aforementioned suggestions.

Hope this helps. - chris


Thanks, I've got the name of a new doctor today that is well informed about what I've been using, going to see him next week. It's driving me nuts not being able to work out. I can just see the fat increasing and the muscle disappearing.


Is it really neccessary that he doesn't work out?


From what the Liver Specialist says, yes.


Has he tested you for hepatitis C? It is the most common undiagnosed infectious disease in this country. An amazing number of people who have it, don't know it.


this is an interesting question, as i have the same problem. my liver enzymes were high according to my nurse, and she was hell-bent on saying that i was an alcoholic. when i told her that i drink every couple of months, she wondered if i had hepatitis, which i did not.

now, when i had these tests done, i was on superdrol a month earlier, so i kind of figured that was the cause. but...i was still surprised that these elevated levels hadn't gone down in a month's time. i did drink a lot when i was younger (college), so maybe the damage has already been done. in any respect, i take milk thistle and nac daily. that's my 2 cents.


Tested for all the Hep and anything else. The lab tech was shocked when she saw how much blood she had to take.

It's been 2 months since I've used anything. Levels are going down but not that quick. Unfortunatly the liver spec. doesn't know anything about my gear and what it can do to the system.


sounds like a combination of factors...
Lack of communication between you and your doctor and lack of knowledge from you concerning ancillaries. On a course of gear pr prohormones/designer steroids you want to be running a variety of supps that aid liver function, help with cholosterol etc, These include, red yeast rice, COq 10, garlic, milk thistle/NAC..

Of course this is then followed by PCT with nolva or clomid maybe rebound XT too.
Foolish not too tell the docs your not on the gear.


What were you taking?


If a doc told me to take 2 months off the gym, he might as well remove my testicles with some rusty scissors.

-Just thinkin out loud