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Liver Protection for Halotestin Cycle


I'm thinking of running a 4-week Halotestin cycle in between my "normal" 8 week cycles and wanted to know what types of liver supplements I should be taking while on or after cycle? Also, I was just thinking of doing a simple nolva 40/40/20/20 pct following my cycle. Thoughts?


To what end?

Sounds fine by me though :wink:


To what end? Trying to maintain my strength while in between cycles. Plus, doing a lot of mma training and wanted to experiment with it while training.


Fine.. i would suggest that the strength gleaned from the compound is really much more of a 'while using' benefit.. due to the androgenic activity of the drug and thus the neural strength increase - so the increased amount of fibre recruitment. Simply put - getting pissed at the iron!

Is there any reason you are concerned about liver health, do you drink, ex-alcoholic, use other toxic drugs like acetamenophen(sp?)? If not 10-20mg of halo over 4 weeks should not be problematic..

HOWEVER if you are concerned the best bet is to do 3 liver function tests. One prior, one during and one post cycle.

As for support you would choose the general liver supps - liv-52 etc. i don't use em, so cannot tell you how effective they are. This is what i'd do though - test the organ for max safety and then you can dose accordingly - or not at all.

Is there a reason you chose this drug? Why not something like anavar which is milder all around, and is of course a very popular bridging product, and gives a good strength boost too..


Liv-52 and Milk Thistle are generally used for liver support, and that would be during the cycle.


I used anavar once before and I noticed very little strength gains. I also like the aggression boost halotestin appears to provide which could be extremely helpful in grappling tournaments.