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Liver Protection Effects

guys, ive searched and searched this. Ive fund endless threads on all kinds of forums discussing liver protectant is it necessary or not. In my opinion it definitely is but please this is not about wether it is or not. Im asking (as ive been told by several dif people) if having liver protectant on a PH or oral steroid cycle diminishes the effectiveness of the dose your taking??I take PH and oral steroids (like var and OT) and wondering if liver protectant does actually diminish doseages?

No. AFAIK there should not be an effect on the relative dose.

Milk thistle, NAC, ALA etc… don’t work by preventing an oral compound from undergoing first pass in the liver (ie. passing from GI tract to bloodstream). NAC bumps up gluathione levels, for example.

If there was a liver protectant that actually degraded an oral before it got to the liver (for example, if something cleaved the 17-methyl) you’d have an issue with lower doses, but I’ve never heard of any such compound.