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Liver, Paneer, and Site

Hey all,

Just curious how many people eat these two foods, if they are good, and possible nutritional values?

Liver, basic calf or beef liver. I make this with onions pretty often enough and heard its good with protein.

Paneer, is like a hard cottage cheese Indians tend to use in recipes. Most often with spinash. Anyone use this, like it, recommend it?

Also, found a site maybe some would be interested in. Let me know what you think.



So im crazy… No one has any experience with these things lol

I dont do beef and or Calf Liver much but do love chicken liver and share your love for Liver and onion. Yes Im weird as well.

Only things about beef liver is for meat it is high in carbs do to stored glycogen I would guess, that and very high in iron and possibly other harmfull waste the liver had filtered in the cows live.

Moderation I would say.

I have recently been enjoying the hell out of beef heart though.

Probablt not much help but hey atleast you know your not the only FREAK

Liver? Isn’t that the toxic waste dump of the body?

Are you trying to get some of them steeroids from the cattle or something out of this?

just giving you a hard time man… but really, gross.


Well liver isn’t the love of my life. But I find it can taste pretty good. I know what its function is.

Question is… is it good to eat and a good source of protein or not?

Apparently the Paneer is high in protein, but also fat too. Anyway I like it, it reminds me a little of ricotta cheese w/o salt or sugar in it.

I LOVE Palak Paneer (spinach with paneer). I’m having a craving right now for Bombay Caf?! They have a very tasty Indian lunch buffet for $6, and their dinner is some of the best Indian food in Boston.

Bombay Cafe is all right, but Tamarind Bay in Harvard Square is unbelievable. It isn’t cheap but it’s the best Indian food I’ve ever had.

[quote]alwyn96 wrote:
Bombay Cafe is all right, but Tamarind Bay in Harvard Square is unbelievable. It isn’t cheap but it’s the best Indian food I’ve ever had. [/quote]

I’ll have to try that then. Bombay Cafe is only 2 blocks from me though.

Since this has broken down into a “Boston Indian food advice thread,” let me give respect to Rani on Beacon in Brookline and Rangoli on Commonwealth in Allston. Same owners, similar lunch buffets, total deva-station. Plus, Rani is a really nice restaurant. Very classy. Their Palak (Saag) Paneer is ridiculously good.

Crap, too bad I dont live in Boston cause I love indian food to death. I think its gonna be the new chinese thing.

Like remember years ago when Chinese wasnt all that popular? You actually went into a restaurant and there was no all-you-can-eat buffets. It was decorated really ethnic and you got the soup to nuts kind of treatment…

Compared to now, chinese is like BLING BLING, come on in and stuff yourself like a pig for only 8 bucks! hahaha

Well, indian food looks to become like that soon.

Anyway there are a bunch of indians in the Caribbean and only a handfull make pretty good food. None of my particular island actually so I have to attempt to make the food myself. Chicken Tikka Masala, probably my most favorite.


Eh only thing I take are Liver tablets! I’ve never had Paneer though…sounds …interesting…hehe

oh btw did i mention i love your avatar T-islander? Thats hilarious

Yeah pick up some Paneer one day and give it a try. Also can try some Spinach and Paneer recipes - Very tasty and it’ll switch it up for ya!

Thanks about the avatar! I think its a friggin riot too! haha Actually, I saw the clip on americans funniest home videos once and was lucky to find it somewhere on the net.