Liver Pain

For the last roughly 2 months I’ve had pain in what I strongly.suspect is my liver, I’ve had blood tests done and they’ve come back as
‘satisfactory’ though it’s not as bad as it was it’s still there. Has anyone else ever experienced this?

It generally aches pretty consistently though is worse after eating a big meal, I thought it could be down to my diet or just the volume of food I eat
but can’t find any evidence that this can happen except a friend of mine who claims to have felt the same thing.

Should I be worried and persist at the doctors? Or is it something such as my.organs growing and nothing to worry about?

Thanks in advance, Joe

I assume you’ve seen a physician, and s/he has done some tests and told you nothing’s wrong. If that’s the case, you have two basic choices:

  1. put your faith in your doctor and carry on per his/her plan; or
  2. get a different doctor.

Which you should do is obviously up to you. In that regard, you need to reflect upon your ‘gut feeling’ regarding your doc: Does your gut tell you s/he is competent, appropriately empathic (ie, really ‘hears’ you), etc? If not, you need to find a doctor in whom you can trust. Good luck.

Good chance it’s gallstones. Gallbladder removal is the #1 surgery in the US. Ask if your doctor can do an ultrasound. It’s only good for calcified gallstones, but it should help narrow down what the cause is.