Liver/Muscle Glycogen

I know fruit is preferentially stored as liver glycogen, but can oats, or other complex carbohydrates be used by the liver?

… or can these only provide energy- and then if there is excess stored in the muscle?

If your liver is low. Your body is going to do what ever it takes to fill that sucker prior to giving any to your muscles aside from crucial ones like the heart etc. Your bodies goal above all is to stay alive and function not build petty muscle


thanks fill.

I know liver takes priority over muscle glycogen, I just did not know if ALL carbs could be utilized by the liver. (taken into storage for use by organs, bodily function… etc.)

I even checked wikipedia, but there was very little info on the topic… primarily it discussed glucogenesis.

The body is an amazing machine and itll find a way if needed to take from Peter to pay Paul if needed to sustain life and proper bodily function