Liver & Kidney Values: Problem?

First of all, I’d like to introduce myself: François, I live in France, I visit T-Nation regulary since more than a year, I really learn and my physique follows.

I know there’s a lot of sport doctors there, and I’d like your opinions about my blood analysis results.
Most of things seem Ok (cholesterol, tryglicerids, sodium, potassium, blood sugar level, etc…)
But two things paid my attention:

Transaminase S.G.O.T: 47UI/I (“Norm” between 10 to 42)
Transaminase S.G.P.T: 45UI/I (“Norm” between 10 to 40)

Urea: 0.50g/l (“Norm” between 0.13 and 0.43)

I’d like your opinions about those results, because it doesn’t appeal me, and I’d like to know if this difference with the “norm” can affect me and how to fix it.

Typically, I eat approximatively 6 meals per day, and apply most of principles of Dr John Berardi.

Thank you for your answers