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Liver Help?


I'm taking 250mg of test e every 3 days. I'm going for 8-10 week cycle also taking letro.....Do you suggest a liver assistant? If so which one this is my first cycle of test and I have been taking milk thistle..... do you have any suggestions or will I be fine with just milk thistle.... Any good brands or chems I can get would help..... Thanks


bud you have five different threads started.... try and compartmentalize them, you can ask a non topic question in the same thread....

milk thistle should be more than enough for test only cycle...


Test only I would not worry about liver protection. Furthermore, unless something changed and I missed it Milk Thistle has never been proven to protect the liver. I wouldn't waste a second of my time or a cent of my money on Milk Thistle.

If you are going to be doing orals, then you should have taken the time to properly research your options and how to best protect yourself.