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Liver Health: Dianabol vs Tren

I am 33 yr old.
I want to use an advanced bulking cycle as third cycle after 2 testosterone cycles.
I want to know which will be less harmful for Liver, either oral Dinabol or Tren injectable.

I would do neither.

Personally I prefer EQ as a secondary drug during growth phases.

Both are one of the worst drugs, but also the best. I wouldnt suggest you to do them as i believe you dont know what you are doing due to a fact that you cant decide between them altho they are totally different compounds in how they work and what they do.

Tell me more please. I am on 750 eq for months and besides it fixing my e2 i dont think it does anything… :frowning:

Dianabol is directly hepatotoxic. Tren is just generally toxic.

Tren is not considered a great bulking compound because it’s allegedly hard to out eat it. If you want to bulk you need food and the appetite to eat it. If Tren kills your appetite—and it does for some heretofore unknown portion of users—then your bulk will be underwhelming. So the dose is going to be important. Too much and you’ll end up recomping but fail to bulk.

Dianabol is great at helping you push through a plateau or put on fast, sloppy weight. It’s not a long term bulking drug. If dianabol was not hepatotoxic then it would be the absolute best bulking drug out there for long cycles. Unfortunately the duration is limited, thus your gains are limited.

EQ appears to be quite unique in that self perceived anabolic response from person to person appears to differ quite extensively. There are three camps of thought within those who use it

1: Those who rave about it, “even 200mg/wk will work wonders!”
2: Those who say it’s good, but needs to be dosed high
3: Those who say it’s shit and hardly notice anything

Yea but dbol (I’ve actually tried this one like 1.5-2 years ago) elicits amazing results. Even 15mg/day will make a whole world of difference within a matter of weeks. Never used tren and never will… probably won’t use dbol again for that matter either. If it weren’t so toxic I’d jump on it again in a heartbeat

I think it depends on what you’re expecting, along with other factors like genetic responsiveness and goals. However, “fixing your e2” is something and IMO is a better way than using an A.I.

I’m using 250mg/wk and I don’t expect much. My goals are to build lean mass slowly while keeping fat gain to a minimum. It’s like icing on a cake whereas the test is the cake itself.

I’m not saying “OMFG it’s the greatest thing ever” but I like it more than deca, which gave me less than desirable side effects, and is “safer” than tren. Basically it’s a little boost to my blast without making me feel like I’m going to destroy myself.

On the other note:

I loved tren when I took it, but don’t recommend it. The sweating is insane and the libido is too much. It’s also considered pretty toxic overall.

I’ve had mixed reactions to dbol. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes it just makes me tired and bloated. The liver toxicity is less than ideal as it makes me paranoid to even take a Tylenol let alone drink a beer.

But the real reason I stay away from orals is because I suck at remembering to take them. Jabbing twice a week is hard enough to remember without having to take a pill once, twice or thrice a day.

Yes, thats the reason why u stay on it alongside test. I dont need any AI and i can double the test with 0 estradiol side effects. But as far as any other benefits go - im not sure there are any, but then again - simmilar with HGH - but i still take it because i want to believe it will help with longevity 10 years down the road.

Can you say what else do you do for blast? What is your cruise and how does your typical blast or two look like?


How effective would 12 weeks of 350mg tren, 700 mg NPP, 1000 mg test cyp be?

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Depends alot on a person. For me, 1000mg test is an overkill - honestly dont feel much difference in 350 vs 600 at the moment, but ill give it a bit more time. I didnt feel difference between 1g and 2g also when i tried that a few years back.
Tren is definetly a god, but i dont think its smart to combine it with NPP… either go test+700mg npp or test+700mg tren… at least you will know whats giving you the sides if there are some.
As far as effectiveness - i find tren to be epic for cutting or recomp. I havent done much of it while bulking tho.
But as far as cycles go - i dont think anything is better than test/tren or test/npp at those dosages.
It still depends on your diet. But i would say that if you dont grow on that, you wont grow on anything :smiley:


I agree with Hank. If I were to use a 19Nor, I would do one of them, not two.

I almost think that I would run Tren over NPP. The occurrences of ED and libido issues seem about the same, but with Tren the reward is higher. I have heard some say running Tren lower actually works better for a bulk as they have better appetite, and they can actually keep up with their metabolism.

For now though, I am sticking to Test and Tbol. DHB and HGH are in consideration. Probably run close to a gram on the next blast because I seem to not get E2 sides.

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Tren and NPP are similar drugs, you’d be better off finding another complimentary compound with a different mechanism of action.

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Zero effectiveness, you might as well be natty with such puny dosages (not serious)

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Don’t mind me.

“I want something I’ve never had, I’m ready to live with the consequences. Give me something that fulfills my unrealistic expectations”.

Currently: 500mg Test E, 250mg EQ & 500 IU HCG per week. I don’t feel the need to blast with more than that at the moment as I’m only looking to bring up some weak points a little before my next show. If I gain 2-3 lbs of muscle I’ll be happy as long as it’s in the right place. Imagine adding two 16 ounce steaks onto your pecs, that’s a lot of meat.

I think most people have way too high expectations when it comes to AAS use: “I am looking to gain 20lbs of pure mass in 12 weeks”.

I am thinking to switch over from EQ to 200mg of Tren E about 9 weeks out and from Test E to Test P about 4 weeks out. I might add some winstrol in there near the end too.

I typically cruise on 200mg/week, but might bring that down to 150.

I’m a “less is more” kinda guy. Maybe I respond well, maybe I expect to little. Maybe I suck at building muscle. :man_shrugging:t4:


It’s more that some beginners gain a lot as they get their newb gains and 1st cycle gains. So they blow up, then the guy with years in the gym expects the same delta, and is let down. Another factor is that many guys use more than they lead you to believe.

A lot of that gain is trash weight: water and fat. How much muscle can you really gain in a given amount of time whether you’re on gear or not? Not as much as people, even newbies, seem to believe. Been there, done that; now I’m focusing on trying to gain only quality weight.

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Yep that’s part of it. Sure, Michelin man, you put on 30 lbs of quality mass.

I also agree that steroids dont work if you dont. Those guys who started a cycle in shit shape, most times end up in the same shit shape. Some dont gain anything, some gain very little. Most steroid users think that steroids will turn their “nothing” into “something” but it does not work that way.
Best guys have best results natty and then they start a cycle and thats when the magic happens. If you are below average, your steroid gains will be below average. You will just be “more of what you already are”. If you have no biceps, steroids wont give you biceps.

There was a i time i had extra money so i just blew it all in a syringe. Guess what. Nothing happened. Literally - NOTHING.
And i know this for many people - they want to lose fat, so they start clen but it doesnt do shit, because if you were fat already, clen cant change that. If they are skinny, no deca and dbol will change that.
Thats why when im talking to young skinny guys i always say - show me you can get fat and then we will talk steroids, because that will be a proof that they at least can EAT enough. Someone skinny on a mass cycle is a waste, just like someone fat doing tren, clen and mast.