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Liver Health and Coffee


So we now have a 49 year old socialist man-child who pumps frappucinos up his ass.


Cannabis in one end, coffee in the other. They meet in the middle and bam! Now you’re woke.


Defendant! Hahahaha!

Man, I kill me! Thanks for joining. We need a few laughs since that last guy got the boot.


The owner and writer of quack watch got exposed as a fraud


"If you do a Web search for Quackwatch, you’re likely to come across a large number of blaring announcements like this: “Quackwatch founder loses in court!” “Quackwatch exposed as quack!” “Quackwatch loses lawsuit!”.

Nearly all of these accusations are on pseudo-scientific and untrustworthy “medical” Web sites of dubious quality. This also means that if you attempt to use Quackwatch as a verifiable source to prove that a “medical” Web site is lying or worse, they will immediately point to this accusation in order to “prove” that Quackwatch is not a reliable source.

This all springs from one lawsuit that has been dragged through the courts for years – not by Quackwatch, but by Koren Publications, a chiropractor supply company."


See also:


Wikipedia is not a legit source, Barrett who runs the site was a failed psychiatrist, not even a doctor, that site is propaganda for the “Skeptics”


Just in case nobody took time to appreciate the gold mine that is this thread.