Liver Enzymes & Cycle Question

So I went to TRT doc for regular screening. She said for 3rd time in a row my liver enzymes clinicaly high. Making me take shots of Glutathione for 4 weeks then gotta retest.
I’m 45 & have been on trt since 33… Been doing cycles of all kinds of different stuff since about 36. Generally speaking 2 cycles per year. Usually bulk in winter cut in spring. Lots of different orals & injectables. You name it I did it. But generally cycles only 12weeks max.

That said have I finally roasted my liver from PED use?
Or is this just normal getting older stuff?
Does this mean cycling is over?

Well you didnt post the numbers so idk what can we say…


They didn’t give a number & tbh I never printed my labs…just know she said clinicaly high & wants me to retest in 4 weeks after shots ect… no booze for 4 weeks🥺

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well then we dont have anything to go by… just go and do some labs you can actually see…

booze and strenght or bodybuilding shouldnt mix… its idiotic that you even posted it here like anyone would care about your alcohol problems :frowning:

Don’t train for 2-3 days before the test as well. I think that can make enzymes worse.

I’ve had a BBer tell me his secret to getting a little extra dry before going on stage is a shot and a half of whiskey the night before. Chris Duffin would take a shot of whiskey before big deadlift attempts (this one seems dumber than the former though).

Moderation? I don’t think one has to be an alcoholic to think a month without any of the sauce is a bummer. I get your point though.

I used to skip events to train, not eat certain foods (still do this to some degree, you aren’t going to catch me downing a large shake or something), but now I go for moderation. Not hedonistic, but not spartan either. I see the no booze mentality like skipping events with friends to train type thing. It makes sense if you are going somewhere with this, but most of us just want to look good naked, or be able to do some crazy lifts to feed our egos.


Kevin and Ronnie have something to say about this:

I bet a little ethanol wasn’t all they (Kevin and Flex) shared with Ronnie as the secret ingredient.

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What were you taking for the 6 weeks prior to lab work?

Did you train the night before? Training increases liver enzymes temporarily.

I’m not training for a show… just average drinker. But with summer around corner & vacation szn wanna enjoy life. I bassically just do cycles for looks I’m not a competitor…also as I get older just wanna fight off father time as long as possible & look good at beach/pool. Not doing shows or going for PRs** not on cycle now or during labs**

Nothing just trt dose 200mg test cyp… not on a cycle now… just concerned my cycling days are over…thinking maybe all those years of winny & Tren A caught up with me

No … No training just fasted & did labs in AM as instructed

No need. There is nothing that alcohol gives you thats needed. I know most people drink, im just saying that there is no need for it therefore there is no need to post it here.
If id have shoulder injury i wouldnt post a saddy face because i cant jerk off to pedophile anime porn or something, because im sure no one cares, nor this activity and genre is something worth discussing and stuff.

sounds like a sad life… idk, i have never used alcohol, dont think my life is any worse than yours… anyways, as i said - to each their own, but we i dont think its necessary to mention it like a real thing… has nothing to do with the forum.

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I think your missing the point of my question. Bassically does high liver enzymes indicate abuse from cycles.

Don’t get too hung up on the booze I drink like a average person. I’m fairly sure it has nothing to do with enzymes. My fear was that a years of cycling took it’s toll. However I’m not sure how to prove that. It’s possible a few weeks of these shots & vitamins does the trick.

Yes, definetly.

The problem is - are they high.
You see, normals are around 30… mine are 100+ all my life… is that high? technically… are they bad? no, because bad are around 300+… i have had 100-150 for 10 years and i did a liver check and my liver is completely fine… so knowing the numbers is important to suggest stuff because i have seen guys panic on forums because of 60…
For a doctor, everything we do, makes our numbers HIGH. You take steroids - nothing should be normal. It would be weird if everything would be like a person who doesnt take steroids.
So the most important thing still is - the actual numbers… Or “how high is high”?


As @hankthetank89 stated, without seeing the numbers we don’t know. Mine have been very high in the past but some Docs freak out over things that are not ‘that bad’. Lets just say THEY ARE BAD. Well the worst thing you could do is take orals follow by drinking. So… stop the orals and keep the drinking to a few social drinks a week. Retest and post labs. If you’re truly concerned you probably need to get some imaging done to see if you have fatty liver etc.

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post the lab work with reference ranges.

i never drink, so i allow myself a few orals, haha :smiley:
when i started training, all we had was dbol and deca… not even test… i remember that no one at the gym used to drink, and we always said that dbol is like going out drinking on friday night, and that our liver enzymes on dbol made us look like regular party drunks, haha :smiley:


The difference from when I used to drink was that drinking will keep enzymes high. Orals may raise them but unless there is an issue they normalize.


Good philosophy about drinking. It’s strongly sabotaging the purpose of our fitness goals. I won’t dive into that further but I drank like a fish for a period of time and I looked like shit and felt like shit. I prob drink 2-4 alcoholic beverages a week now but if I took orals I would abstain for sure.

OP, also keep in mind we would need to know what other scripted or non scripted meds you are taking. Do you take a lot of NSAIDs, statins or drugs like anti depressants etc. Such things may also raise liver enzymes.


I’ll have to scan it and black out my info

But the liver stuff shows…

AST 45 ALT 74

Was not on cycle at time of labs… Tbh last cycle b4 labs probably 9 months ago