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Liver enzymes and Supplements

HI guys I just got a complete blood picture done and all of the results came out pretty good …except for my liver enzymes ;“ALT” and “AST” previously known as “SGOT” and “SGPT”.
Though not high …they are touching the upper levels and I was just wondering if that’s because of the supplements I’m on.
Currently I’m using
Myostat(2 g a day)
Creatine(5g day)
Glutamine(7g a day)
Fish Oils (8g a day)
I realise that to find out why the enzymes are at such high levels I should stop using these supplements and test them one at a time to find the cause but I was just wondering if other ppl using a similar combination had the same problem.
So I’d like any help that I can get on this …

This has happened to me also, except my AST and ALT levels were over the norm. The reason that they are higher is because exercise causes them to increase. No, I’m not kidding. ALT and AST indicate muscle damage, along with some other things, but the muscle damaging part is the main one. Go to Yahoo search and type in something like, “liver enzymes and exercise.” If that doesn’t give you what you want, play with the words a little bit. Either way, you will find out why in a more scientific way.

This was covered on the forum not more than a week ago. A search will definitely bring up some good results.

hey, dude , whats up? Well this is about your message ya put up. The best thing ya can take to cut down your enzyme levels is a product called milk thistle. Ya can find it in GNC as a herbal supplement. I have had problems before with my enzymes and this stuff works wonders. It is also a great supplement to take after or before ya go out drinking. It gets rid of the hangover feel. Thats if ya drink alcohol. Within about a week you will be seeing dramatic cuts in your liver enzymes. If you want any more info about anything just email me. Cya round.

Hey travis just wanted to ask you what effect if any did the high liver enzyme levels have on you?
I’m asking this because I feel perfectly healthy and don’t feel down during a workout …have lots of energy…basically I didn’t see a problem untill I got the results

I have never had any effects due to my high levels of liver enzymes, being ALT and AST. I think that it’s just one of those scientific things that are so “low key”, nobody’s going to worry about it. In fact, I think I read that if you take several days off from training, then they should return to normal. With this being the case, it wouldn’t seem like “real” damage is being done.