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Liver Enzyme Tests

Ok, so heres the deal: I take acutane and before every cycle my doctor has me take a liver enzyme and cholestorl blood test. In the past I have been slightly high (this is my 3rd or 4th cycle and the other might have been 5 counts off tops), and he would just have me retake it and I would pass.

This time I failed miserably. He said my results were in the range he has seen only in steroid users and alcoholics…The problem is I am sober -I might drink one every 2 months, and I don’t use juice.

I am a powerlifter, 19 don’t use supplements other than ZMA, creatine, and multi-vitamin. My diet isn’t crazy, I get about 150-250 grams of protien a day (I weigh a little over 200lbs) and plenty of sleep.

My doctor said I have to go off the acutane because of the results. I searched the site and while I didn’t come across anyone with this problem naturally, I came across liv52. Would this cause my liver enzymes to drop to the healthy range?

Any other advice?


Cycle of??

had you lifted a LOT in the days prior to the test it can really cause those levels to be elevated

yes many swear by Liv-52

drink LOTS of water

you might read Cy Willsons Level with me Doc How Long Have I got for blood work info


listen to your doctor. don’t be a dumb ass. liver complications can literally kill you.