Liver Dysfuntion Supplements

Recently had lab work done. My bilirubin is high for the second time this year. I have had it tested 3 times. (On TRT only)

Previous Bilirubin tests.

1.09 (0.2-1.0) High

.9 (0.2-1.0) Normal

Current labs

Bilirubin Total 1.44 (0.2-1.0) HIGH
Alkaline Phosphatase 34 (34-94)
Alanine Aminotransferase 17 (7.0-45.0)
AST 21 (13-35)

So my liver values all look OK, and they are always WNL, never near the high end.

My only high values are my bilirubin and my SHBG. My SHBG is usually around 50, but it has gone up to 70 before. Lowest recorded on TRT was 49.

For what its worth, I was drinking the day before the test on the 1.44 result. And I was possibly drinking the weekend before the last high test also. Should I be worried about these numbers?

In the past, I abused benzos and alcohol and I have no doubt that there is some liver damage from this, hence the high SHBG. Do any of these supplements actually “heal” liver damage?

What type of supplements can I take that would help with this? I’ve done some research into NAC and TUDCA. Currently take milk thistle, but it hasn’t had any effect on the SHBG, I feel like its more of a protectant.

Would it be worthwhile to try any of these supplements out to see if they bring down my Bili/SHBG?


Start with nac at 600mg, life extension is a good brand. Also tudca helps but usually more the repair process than anything. Bilirubin is usually elevated due to diet and fat intake. I would look at your diet and try to lower your fat to a relatively good range. With 75% from mono unsaturated fat. Evoo, avocado and such.

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Current research indicates that all liver supplements do not work.
However I do take Liv 52 just in case…research on that…apparently that one was studied on cirrosis sufferers…
Not 100% sure.
But vit c and other antioxidants combined with good water intake can help
Avoid alcohol and high fat foods unless u are on keto

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There’s nothing better than some pineapple!.. ask GH15!

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Thanks. Interesting results actually for me. I did a trial of Calcium D Glucarate at 500mg twice a day. It is the only thing that has ever changed my SHBG… Going from 54 to 37 in approx. 2 weeks.

Going to look into TUDCA as well.

Suggest using a website called examine to search through current supplemental efficacy data.