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Liver detox

In lieu of Antidote, what do you guys use to clean out the ol’ liver? I’m cutting back a lot on drinking, but I’d like to really get my liver as healthy as possible. What is this Radox stuff? I have heard that mentioned before. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Bump. Any takers?

I do occasional cycles of Milk Thistle (if memory serves, sylimarin is the active ingredient). Any one who does a fair amount of prescription meds should do this occasionally.

Silymarin is mildly effective–studies found the effect to be ‘significant,’ but never very impressive except in very large doses. Alpha lipoic acid is regarded as a superb detoxifier. Syntrax’s Radox is a must-=have in my collection, and until Antidote comes along is a great choice. I take it with additional ALA, totalling ~1.5 grams a day.

This is what i take (european products) :
Legalon (sylimarin)
Epuram (arginin, ornitin, citrullin)
Chophitol (artichoke)