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Liver Damage from Different Steroids


Supposedly, proviron is the causes the least amount of stress to the liver, and halotestin and oral tren cause the most.

I don't understand why. 17a alkylated steroids all bypass first pass liver metabolism due to the same mechanism, so shouldn't every alkylated steroid be equally liver toxic, milligram per milligram. Why would one milligram of winstrol be less toxic than one milligram of anadrol? The potency of the steroid at the AR is irrelevant to how the liver metabolizes the molecule, isn't it? Anavar, proviron, and halotestin aren't alkylated, they use another mechanism for to bypass first pass, so I can understand how halotestin would be more liver toxic than proviron.

Anadrol comes in 50mg caps, and people often take 100mg. Whereas dbol comes in 5mg caps and people only take 20mg. So, I can understand how anadrol would have the reputation of being a stronger medication and more liver toxic. The liver has to break 5 times as many bonds if someone takes a 100mg dose of drol instead of a 20mg dose of dbol.

People dose oral tren in micrograms, so wouldn't a daily dose of oral tren be much less liver toxic than almost any other steroid?