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Liver Counts

Just got my blood test results. My liver counts are ALT (SGPT) 73 and AST (SGOT) 51. The normal counts are ALT (SGPT) 1-55 and AST (SGOT) 1-45. I’m 47, 205, 10%BF, 2-3 drinks per week and rarely use any aspirin. What gives?? WTF?? Am I going to die? My doctor doesn’t seem to be alarmed, but I am worried. anybody have this issue?

I also was tested for hepatitis A, B and C. I am OK, no hepatitis. Is there a natural way to get these down? I’ve done some research, but there’s too much info online to determine what the right thing to do is.

Did you lift within 48 hours of the bloodwork?

Get the labs repeated and don’t lift for a few days beforehand. Lifting can falsely elevate those values.

Yes. I lifted 4 days before and the day of getting the sample. As a matter of fact I got the blood sample about 45 minutes after lifting (1.5 hours bodybuilding style workout). Of course i fasted 12 hours before the sample also. Why do liver enzymes increase after lifting? I never heard of this before.

I believe it has to do with the muscle damage from lifting.

Yup take a break for a day or two get retested. Make sure you dont have a prob.

read “Doc Level With Me How Long Have I got” by Cy Willson it will help with blood test info.


I’m scared to see my liver count. =|