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Liver and Oysters

For those that don’t know or may appreciate a reminder these two foods eaten on a daily basis have incredible positive effects on recovery and general well being.

These foods combined provide a mega dose of vitamins and minerals in a form easily assimilated by the body and high levels of cholesterol for testosterone support and iodine for thyroid function.

I eat between a half ounce and one full once of grass feed organic beef liver in the morning with breakfast and three to five onces of oysters with one of my late evening meals. Don’t overdo the liver as it can lead to retinol toxicity.

Try this protocol and I promise you will feel the results.

Liver tastes like toothpaste.

You are right, I eat liver every day. I need to get some oysters. They are loaded with zinc.

Zinc is good for T-levels.

I can only eat what tastes good and I’m not a fan of either. How do you cook the liver and do you eat the oysters raw? Are clams similar in nutritional content to oysters?

Only liver I’ve ever like is fried chicken livers with gizzards. Oysters are phenomenal though.


Not sure about the comparison of oysters to clams but there a couple of good ways to eat oysters. Shooters, steamed and grilled are probably the best…least in my opinion. Like anything else check out food network website for good ideas.

I cook about two pounds of some type of meat every morning and just throw in the ounce of liver. I remove it rare and just eat the bite. I pan sear and sautée the meat with coconut oil and herbs and spices. One ounce of liver is a tiny bite and no matter how you cook it has a very strong flavor.

Chicken liver is slightly less nutritious but has much lower retinol so it is safe to eat about two onces per day for most men.

As far as oysters go they seem to be an acquired taste that people new to the fish either instantly love or have to force themself to get used to.

I like to have soup as one of my late day meals and boil the oysters for a few minutes with chicken broth or a cream soup along with whatever herb spices and vegetables I am in the mood for.

They are also delicious when mashed and made into a dressing with Italian bread crumbs onions garlic and butter. Very rich and full flavored. Oysters Rockefeller is a delicious recipe you can Google as well.

Of course if it is the right season(source dependent) and the quality of your source is high you can eat them raw as well. I like them with Tabasco and lemon and the acidic sauce reduces the risk of eating them raw.

Clams are nutritious but they have much lower levels of zinc, vitamin D, and magnesium. Oysters are definitely preferred as testosterone and recovery boosters.

Personally I’m not a fan of eating other animals’ detoxifying organs (ie liver, kidneys) by themselves, but that’s just me. I love oysters though.