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Liver and HDL Issues with Labs

A friend asked me today about his labs, his doctor flipped out on him saying his liver values are twice what they should be, and his HDL is way off. I think he is around 27 years old, and has done many cycles and competed in BB.

AST 80 ALT 67 and HDL 39.

He has been on test 200mg week and Primo 200mg week for 15 weeks and 50mg Var for last 8 weeks and stopped one week prior to blood draw.

He also got hammered(drunk) close to whenever the labs were taken so he isnt sure if thats it…but from what ive read on here, Var messes up lipids so that could be culprit for HDL but I didnt think Var messed up liver too bad? Im not familiar with the liver values and labs so not sure if he is just a little off and the doctor is being strict, or if he should be worried.

He was going to take a few weeks off and get labs done again.

Any input might help chill him out!


thos number are not so hige tell him to stay away for alcohol and drugs and all orals take a new test in 4 week´s i am sure thei will go down and after the numbers go down say way from oral for long time or just dont take em at all :wink:

If his doctor knew his ass from his elbow, he would also know that weightlifting artifically raises liver values (one more than the other, I can’t remember which) due to breakdown of muscle tissue. If he wants a true reading, tell him to abstain from working out for a week or two.

HDL is not awful (I think its supposed to be over 40) but that can also be unrelated to AAS use. For instance, my HDL is in the shitter, but it was in the shitter both before and after I started TRT so the exogenous test had absolutely no bearing on it.

He can try to take high dose Niacin to raise HDL.

Thanks guys this info is huge!!!

There’s a thread on pro muscle where a guy went from ‘Liver Failure’ to ‘Low Normal’ liver ranges in 70 hours or so, just less than 3 full days if I remember correctly. He hyper hydrated, took two days of medium protein intake, abstained from orals and didn’t train. The guy also did a thread where he manipulated his BP hugely to fuck with his doctor. Funny stuff.

Don’t stress, and lay off the Var for a couple weeks.


Coool passing this on to my buddy…his doctor from what he said was bugging him “what are you doing? what are you on?” haha