Liver Aid - suggestion?

Looking for a good liver aid. Can anyone recommend something?

Test 225 mg / Week
Deca 200 mg / Week - 20 week cycle

I know I’m not doing anything crazy with this Deca cycle, but I figured I should play it safe.

Thank you

NAC :call_me_hand:

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Liver aids are for oral steroids

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And SARMS. But NAC or Tudca won’t hurt. N2 guard but it’s as high as Giraffe ass.

Thank you all for your replies. I have a bottle of NAC so I’ll just stick with that.

Yes, orals are notorious for stressing the liver, but studies show nandrolone is liver toxic to some degree and can possibly cause fibrosis.

I commend the ultra careful prepper.

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Don’t think there would be any liver impact with these two

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My liver numbers, although not horrible, were not perfect either. Beginning stages of fatty liver. Figured if a liver aid could help, it wouldn’t be the worst decision I’ve made in life.

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