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Liver 1st Pass &Prohormone

I’m all out of MAG-10 but still have a couple bottles of 1-AD that bought at the very last second night before became illegal. So I was reading about 1-AD on another web site and a dude talking about his experiences with the stuff says that it takes about 2 weeks to start working because of “first pass” mechanism of the liver.

Is he right that I’m just going to be pissing out the entire first bottle of 1AD because my liver will be seeing it as toxin but then after a couple weeks it will stop kicking it out and then I will start seeing gains? That’s how he describes the “first pass mechanism”.

Seems a little hard to believe. Can someone tell whether or not he is right and that indeed I’ll be pissing the entire first 50% of all the remaining prohormones I possess?

Noone knows about 1AD and other prohormones being filtered out by liver?