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LiveFast's Log

I’ll be starting this log to show my progress on my road to 200 lbs and lift progression. I’ll include supplements, workouts, weight, and progress pictures. Let’s go

Didn’t get around to posting yesterday (which was a rest day for I was too busy to make the gym). So I’ll start off with Tuesday then post today’s later on tonight.

Weight: 155

Leg Day

Warmed up with a deep 135x10 squat set then off to my work sets

Leg Extensions
130x25 went to failure

Hamstring Machine can’t think of what it’s called right now.
70x18 failure

Barbell Calf Raises
135x20 Regular
135x20 Inside
135x20 Outside
(not sure if switching foot positions make a real gain difference but I definitely feel the difference on my inside and outsides)

Leg Press
260x28 Failure

Had an insane quad pump after Leg Extensions but once I switched to the hamstring machine I lost it. Not sure why but I got it back after Leg presses anyways. 225x8 didn’t feel too bad so I hit the 225x10 afterwards. May have had a few reps that weren’t perfect but definitely feeling like I could break my 300 squat next leg day. Currently my lifts are flying up. While still keeping solid form (bit below parallel on squats) I’ve been putting about 10 lbs on my squat a week and 10 lbs on my bench. Just got back into lifting about 2 months ago. I had 2-3 years experience beforehand until laziness set in for about a year. Already past my lifts from before.


Pull Day

Warmed up with 135x10 deadlifts.
225x5 felt really easy
315x1 tried my prior lifting life deadlift max. Killled it.

Had a weird tingly feeling on the sides of my glutes. It kinda stung when I would deadlift. Got it on my warmup set. Almost a light burn/sharp sting but tingling all over. I don’t know never felt that before. Anyone know what this was?

Hammer Curls

Single Arm Rows
55x10x2 then x15 for the last set

Single Arm Preacher Curls
15x15 had to stretch my arms out they were really pumped for no reason today

Pull Ups
3x10 or Failure

Face Pulls
60x8x3 then failure on a last set.

Felt like I did a really pussy workout today. Didn’t like it. Happy I’m currently past every single lift I had before I stopped lifting before though. Hope to hit 2/3/4 sometime this summer…


Push Day

Warmed up with 95x10
135x3x8 No struggle on the last reps, 140 next week

Tricep Pulldowns
70x4x10 stopping just short of lockout until the 4th set where I go for a hard contraction

High Cable Flyes
40 (Each Side) x3x10
50x12 Just pushed myself to really tear up my chest

Tricep Kickbacks
May seem like a girly exercise but always seemed to work well for me

25 x8