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Live Video Feed of Comp Tomorrow


At 10am tomorrow pacific time, in the first meet of it's kind, a team of 8 men from California lifting in San Ramon will compete against a team of 8 men from Ireland and Scotland lifting in Scotland via the internet.

The competition will be viewable on the internet by anyone, you will be able to see a live feed of the lifting in Scotland right next to a live feed of the lifting in California. There will also be chat box where any viewer will be able to post comments, and a scoresheet that will be updated live.

You can navigate to the live feeds through the Californiastrength.com home page, or go straight there with this link http://sites.google.com/a/californiastrength.com/don-wilson-open-2010-live/

The basic rules are that each team is allowed 8 lifters. At each location, the bar is started at the lightest opener and progresses heavier and heavier at each lift. But, after the 1st lift at location A is completed, a 1 minute clock starts for the first lift at location B. After that lift is completed, a 1 minute clock starts for the second attempt at Location A, and so on. No 2 minute clocks. Lifters at each location will be able to observe their counterparts at the opposite location, and observe the future attempts as they are entered on a live scoreboard on the internet.

Scoring is 5 points for 1st place in any weight class, 3 for 2nd, 2 for 3rd, and 1 for 4th.

I hope you all enjoy watching the competition. It has been challenging but rewarding to get this done, and I hope it can lead to many more meets of this kind, and further the sport of weightlifting by allowing a new and exciting way for different lifters and teams to compete against each other, and a new way for fans to watch quality competition. I would like to thank Matthew Johnson and Dave Corbin for doing untold hours of work to bring the technical aspects of this thing together. They made this possible.


That was fun to watch. Will there be a highlight video? I was really hoping Jon north would get 161 or something intense like that. Also that Ian fellow was fast as hell with some hot lifts.



Ian is a beast of a 16 year old!
I was also impressed w/Jocelyn Forest's lifts.


very impressive lady, true.