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Live Stream of Arnold Weighlifting Meet



The Arnold webcast will commence Friday, Mar. 4 at 8:30 (eastern) and run through the weekend. Check it out!

Our club has a 94kg lifter (Kevin Cornell- recent 312 total at a late January meet) lifting in the 8:30 Friday session w/Jon North and Jared Enderton. We have 4 other lifters going @ 2:30 today, but alas, they don't seem to be starting the webcast until the evening.



Cool, thanks for giving the link! I know one of the 77 kg lifters, Adam Beytin.


Adam is a beast just saw him train a few days ago he should do well this weekend.


The US vs Islands or whatever they're calling it is just starting, with Yukio Peter, Kendrick Farris and Pat Mendes all lifting I just may waste my afternoon watching this haha.


someone talk to me. I'm pbandy1 in the chat channel.




I said hello :slight_smile:


i said hi back.

lol so many idiots in there.


The chat sucks :stuck_out_tongue:

The feed seems to be gone now.


How did Farris, Mendes, and Peter do?


that chat was way too much fun.


Farris I think hit a 155 snatch, bombed in the clean and jerk missing 190-something (197?) 3 times, passed out on the third attempt.

Mendes went 175/207.

Peter hit I believe 150/170.

Not 100% sure of the numbers, my connection was shitty.


Apparently Farris shouldn't squat jerk :stuck_out_tongue:


haha. and pat mendez should amirite?


I caught some of the start of it but my internet connection is pretty shitty and it kept freezing / jumping when anything fast happened. Like lifting lol.


I'm not yet convinced mendes is a joke but I think the bulgarian philosophy requires plenty of competition experience as well. To get better at the lifts, do the lifts. To get better at the competitions do more competitions.....sounds reasonable to me. On a positive note Chad Vaughn did pretty well


lack of competition experience doesn't make up for the 63kgs difference between his Arnold and youtube totals...


In all fairness, he IS recovering from a shoulder injury and his 'injured' total (175/207/382) is top for US super heavies (Zach Schluender is top ranked for the PAN AM team w/a 374 total)!

In regards to the Bulgarian philosophy, I think it works well when you are willing to toss an injured lifter aside and have the next one that looks just like him step up. With so few in the US lifting, I don't think the assembly line, keep up or be left behind will work - we don't have the numbers to beat the elite into submission in hopes that will survive and produce a miracle. That being said it is a fine line between pushing hard enough and burning out/blowing up - an enormous task for our coaches.

Sad to see Zach Krych pull out of the jerks after reinjuring his wrist after a GREAT comeback at the American Open.


Anyone know where to find the results or they aren't up yet?

Too bad about Pat, but he got a comp and he has the best current 105+ total right?

Definitely sad to hear about Zach Krych pulling out :frowning:

Sad to hear Farris bomb out also. It's uber trickey to do a Squat Jerk, let alone one with al ot of weight on the bar. Your chances are slim to non to recover it.



Go to ColumbusWeightlifting.org - the results are on the main page.
or this http://www.columbusweightlifting.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/2011-Arnold-Sports-Festival-Open-Weightlifting.pdf

David Lewandowski, a 'novice' in only his second meet, went 6/6 with a 230 total @ 77kg!
Our team's Kevin Cornell totaled 317 - though he did it as a 105 not a 94.