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Live In the UK? Please Read This


The Common sense political party

The common sense political party strives to bring grass roots knowledge of the UK to a political level and believe in bringing something entirely new and dynamic to politics, honesty and common sense.

Our main policies,

We will punish the; criminal and the anti-social

We will reward the; Hard working law abiding decent citizens of the UK

Here are some bullet points that may shock you:

The current government encourages people to take drugs and gives financial support to purchase illicit substances to drug users.

Britain is one of the most over populated countries in the world.

Crime in this country is out of control the police cannot cope.

Anti-social young criminals have claim control over many areas of this country.

Criminals in this country have no respect or fear of our laws, and judicial system.

In some areas asylum seekers are being given free driving lessons and tests by the government (the tax payer) because the police fear that too many of them drive illegally with out licenses.

The NHS is only in trouble because of poor management and abuse by patients.

We are paying millions of pounds every day to fight a war in Iraq that serves no purpose to us.

All our lives are under threat from radical terrorists that live amongst us.

There are thousands of illegal immigrants, paedophiles, and serious violent criminals living amongst us.

The current benefit system encourages and supports anti-social, criminal and lazy people to have more children, where as hard working law abiding citizens who pay taxes find it difficult to afford to work and bring up further children, this means that currently there are a lot more children being born to parents that do not work through choice and are lazy, than there are children being born to parents that are hard working and law abiding, in a couple generations time there will be too many benefit seekers and not enough workers to support the benefit system.

Hundreds of decent law abiding essential professionals including doctors, nurses, paramedics, police and teachers emigrate from this country every single day, only to be replaced with benefit seeking, lazy, criminals that have no respect for British laws or customs.

No other country has such relaxed immigration laws as we do, the current government has already admitted that 95% of asylum seekers lie on their applications, also they have admitted that they cannot keep track of where these people go.

We give millions of essential funds of foreign aid in payments to countries that we know are rife with corruption

What immediate measures can be taken to prevent this country becoming the worst over populated crime ridden country on the planet?

Tighten immigration laws.

Reduce foreign aid payments to corrupt countries; instead give aid to foreign charities that provide help to the people who really need it.

Recall all military personal from the middle east, as soon as is safe for them to withdraw, America has received enough help with this war, and we should help them no longer in Iraq.

In some areas of the country that crime and in particular gun crime is out of control the military will assist the police in eradicating crime. Also the military will be used in removing illegal travellers from illegal campsites and arresting any travellers that commit any criminal offence.

Build more prisons and change the whole prison system to one that criminals will fear, not one that offers a recreational hazard to their criminal lifestyle.

Bring back discipline into schools by punishing parents of poorly disciplined children.

Bring back borstals and lock up and punish young criminals.

Stamp out benefit cheats.

People that are receiving benefits that are only doing so because they are lazy or because they choose not to work, or because there criminal lifestyle allows them to not work will be forced to work to earn their benefits.

Build more prisons

Employ more British police, prison staff, nurses, and teachers.

Stop patients from abusing the NHS, there are many ways in which this is done, and there are many simple solutions, but too many to list here.

Partial privatisation of the NHS, patients will be expected to pay for there own meals

All these changes can be made WITHOUT raising taxes

Although a radical party we are not a right wing or racist party, we intend to punish criminals and the anti-social regardless of colour or creed.

These are just some bullet point policies that we are currently building a complete party manifesto on, we have much more information regarding the points raised but for now would just like to offer these simple points to grab your attention and support.

Thank you for reading this your feedback is very much appreciated.


The people in The City of London, who really run your show, will kill all of you first. Don't you know what kind of world we're living in?



I do thats why its time for change.

Are you suggesting that starting this political party may get me assisnated by the British goverment?


Okay so I've read it. Not quite sure what the intention is.

I truly think if that is some kind of mission statement you'd be far better off rather than reeling off a succession of scaremongering tabloid headlines, actually providing emperical evidence of these so-called problems.

Just because you, or the Mail, or Sun says these problems are real, it doesn't make them so.

A society is judged by the way it treats those less well-off than them and I am proud that we can provide a safe haven for people that would otherwise face persecution in their home countries. And if a couple of people slip through the net that shouldn't, then so be it. I'd much rather 1 person came to live here that had no legal right to than 5 people were tortured or murdered because they were not granted asylum.

As for economic migration, I for one feel that this county has benefitted greatly from migrant workers. As for them stealing our jobs, I have never once seen a British person want to work in the petrol station at 3am, be willing to clean the offices after hours. People come here, pay taxes, work for a year or two and then go home. What's the problem?

Don't tar everyone with the same brush - sure, some people don't pay tax but I know a lot more Brits that don't pay any tax than foreigners.

Also, it's all very well saying 'we'll make everything better' but to garner the meresest hint of credibility you would need to explain the 'how' as much as the 'what'.

Also, in this day and age I think there's a general feeling that we need LESS government and not more government. Your whole stance seems to be built on negativity and punishing people. More prisons, more police, privatise the NHS, punish NHS abusers, punish young kids, punish lazy unemployed people - get rid of gypsys. Wow, you're a very angry young party aren't you?

I think we have a fundemental disagreement about our politics but I defend to the death your rights to those opinions - you are perfectly entitled to your way of thinking. It's just from what I read it came over as fairly non-descript, cliched and tired. You said nothing new. You made no promises that other parties haven't already made. You gave no indication that you knew how to make it work and don't think that by saying 'and we won't have to raise taxes' anyone will believe that because unless you have an alchemist in the party, you are going to have to conjure this money from SOMEWHERE.

Also, I do not know you or your party well enough to say whether you are racist or not, although anyone reading between the lines could be forgiven for being drawn to that conclusion, but you ARE RIGHT WING. Erm... Very right wing.

If you do not understand and accept that, and there shouldn't be any shame in accepting that, then you probably have no place in politics to begin with.

Okay, that's my feedback. I look forward to hearing more on how you're going to fix Britain.


Ex-wives and political upstarts are 'inconvenient'. Ask Prince Charles.




Essentially on any given point, I could not agree less.



Dear Pack,

Thank you for your reply, it was very interesting to read, a few points in reply,

First of all I purposfully wrote short bullet points to save the post being 100 pages long i have further information on all points raised, the bullet points are there to make people sit up and listen.
They have not been copied from any tabliod paper but have come from my own personal experiences and they are ALL true, I have very close links with the NHS and Police personel.

I have no problem with foriegn people that wish to come here and work and abide by the law and pay taxes, this is no problem at all, you mention people working in petrol stations at 3am, this is fine I have no problem with foriegn people.

Yes this is a very angry party, for radical changes to be made then someone needs to get angry and get busy.

There is millions of pounds available to help pay for the extra police etc.

Here is where from:

removal of troops from Iraq
massive reduction in foriegn aid
massive reduction in E.U. contributions
part privatisation of the NHS
overhaul of NHS staffing (again there is a wealth of information on the tatics of this but it is very long.)

The post was a cut and paste, you are entirely right there should have been an explanation as to what the posts intent is.

I am currently just trying to guage peoples opinion on how they feel about the state of the UK and their local situation, and what changes they feel could be made. And on how they feel about having a political party available that has the beliefs laid out above.

There is nothing t be read in between the lines, there is nothing racist in our policies, immigration laws need to be changed to stop over crowding, look at countries like Autrailia and New Zeland, they have very tight immigration laws, and are very strict on accepting asylum seekers, why should the UK be the only 'take anybody' country in the world.

Answer this, why have thousands of asylum seekers travelled through many western countries and risked there lives to get into the UK, why not stay in for example France? Because they know that in the UK it is much easier country to do nothing and get more.

There are multi million pound smuggling operations happening right now, where people pay lots of money and risk there lives to get into the UK, ask yourself why? And ask yourself also are all these people so desperate to avoid persecution why do they strive to reach our shores, when they have passed through 5-6 countries that also have systems to look after asylum seekers.

The people that come to this country with the full intent to legally work, pay taxes, abide by our laws and respect our customs are more than welcome.

And yes I suppose our policies are right wing in the overall scale of politics, but we do not wish to promote this element.



Please if you have the time could you choose one or maybe two points and describe why you feel this way.

many Thanks


Wow. That was a far more succint way of saying what I wasted five minutes writing. lol


Hey again,

I didn't mean to imply that the statements were lifted directly from newspapers, but rather using the same scaremongering tactics that tabloids do to sell papers is not a great way to start off a career in politics. Sensationalist, opportunist, yes, but it doesn't instill any semblance of confidence in the integrity of your views or what you insist you are trying to achieve.

What you did was list a bunch of attention grabbing headlines with little substance to them and ask for feedback. We do not need more police. We need better police.

You want to stop overcrowding? It's not that I can't move for Albanians (who actually contribute to society), it's that I can't move for 15 year old girls pushing double-buggies! Talk about sex education in schools. Talk about putting the onus for 'life' education back onto parents. Don''t scapegoat little Krystoff from Poland who works 60hr weeks for less than minimum wage.

In terms of paying for all your improvement plans - Removing troops from Iraq (even if they should never have been there)would then create subsidiary problems such as unemployment etc - do you have a plan for that?

As for

'why should the UK be the only 'take anybody' country in the world'

Erm, I really don't think this is the case and once again, I truly feel that someone who wants to get involved in high-level politics needs to be able to better illustrate their points than this. However, even if what you stated were true (have you any idea how many Africans are in France, for example?) why should we judge ourselves by other country's failings? I thought part of our 'superior' cultural core and heritage was that we did what was right, regardless of what others thought. See Euro, see not siding with Germany in WW2 (which we nearly did) etc.

These people come here, like they go to the US, because there is opportunity and for all that we are small, we are still one of the largest (5th largest?) economy in the world.

Also, if someone is willing to go through all the terrible terrible hardships they endure to get here, then I say welcome. Those are the sort of people with 'get up and go', determination and a work ethic that this country needs. Being born here is a priviledge as we will NEVER know the hardships that a lot of the world endures. Who on Earth are we, sitting around on our fat arses, to say that others should not earn those opportunities?

Also, to say that you ARE right wing but don't promote that part of it makes you sound duplicitous from the outset. You're supposed to wait until you're in power before the skeletons come out fo the closet! lol

PS. My tuppence worth, but please tell me you don't have Kilroy as a spokesman!


Again thanks for reply, you raise some good points and are obviously an itellegent person and I greatly apreciate your feedback,

but you do seem to be sticking on a point that is not valid,

I do not have a problem with a polish guy who is here working 60 hours a week.

I DO have a problem with 15 year old girls with babies, the benifit system encourages this.

I have personally have encountered 15 year old girls who have got themselves pregnant to get themselves a council house, this has happened and is happening today, this must stop.

I personally believe that this country needs a political party that will take radical actions against crime and anti-social behaviour, do you not agree?

I also beleive that we can still allow foriegn people into this country, but only those that are willing to work and abid by our laws, and at the same time we need to start removing the people that have come into this country and have commited more than 3 crimes, or 1 serious crimanl offence.

SA for creating unemployment by removing our troops from Iraq, this would not happen, there is work to be done in house.

sorry again for the headline tatic, but would you have read the post if it was 100 times longer? I beleive many people have been put off simply by its current length.


Oh yes and sorry as for a spokesperson I would like to employ the services of James Whale, not a very respected or liked person my the majority I understand, but I feel he is very pasionate about similar issues, and would be perfect for and angry radical party wishing to clean up the mess this country is in,

What area of the world are you in? I am considering moving near to you, as it seems that there is not the same level of crime and anti-social behaviour in your area as there is in mine.


Agreed. I'm also one of those that thinks mandatory basic English should be taught to all immigrants, thus encouraging ethnic communities to be less insular.

I'm not doubting that this happens - My mother works for a council housing department, but you need to firstly accept that these people, like the benefits cheats (either brit or foreign) are in a tiny minority and the sensationalist media has jumped on them as examples of how terrible a)Council Estate people are or b) Johnny Foreigner is.

There are also very important psychological reasons to be examined and addressed as to why the young girls who adopt this attitude do so. The lack of education as to the realities of motherhood is a main one -as is the cry for attention of someone who is going through growing pains but still is ostensibly a child etc... These all need to be addressed far more than stopping all assistance to them.

As for your comments re antisocial behaviour, gangs of kids hang out on street corners now because there is nowhere for them to go.

In my youth there were youth centres, playparks etc. All that government land has now been sold off and the youth centres have closed down. We need to find ways of engaging youth, of creating the 21st century equivilents of those thing that kept me from being a menace to society as a kid - not further punishing them and giving cause to antisocial behaviour.

Okay - there's work to be done in-house involving our troops? Like what?

Are you really not concerned that you seem to be advocating an increasingly totalitarian state? The armed forces should not be used for any purpose on home soil unless there is a national emergency.

Just got off the phone with my mother who is a Government expert on these matters, and she said that France and Germany both take more asylum seekers than us, but that we are a respectable 3rd place in Europe.

Finally, employing James Whale as a spokesman will categorically ENSURE that you are not taken seriously.

He's not even taken seriously as a broadcaster/journalist. You would probably be better off putting your money where your mouth is and being your own spokesman, rather than hijacking someone already known for controversial political views etc..


Ha ha ha ha...

My friend, I live in the borough of Lewisham. Went to school in New Cross. Lived on the crossroads of Peckham, Deptford and New Cross.

Was mugged countless times growing up. Have been tear-gassed in a local pub, seen a man have half his face sliced off about 2 feet away from me in a pub. Had a machete put against my throat by a pimp who my thought me drunkenly standing against a lampost was me trying to muscle in on his turf! And yes, once witnessed a murder in Ladywell.

I don't know where you are from, but at one time this area had a higher crime rate than South-Central LA, if not the mortality rate! I hate to think where you live if its worse than here...


I totally agree on the James Whale idea, I do like his passion though, I cannot understand how living in such an area has not made you as angry as me, I have not been witness to quite such crime, but the crime I have witnessed has made me angry enough to want to make redical changes.

I appreciate that France take more asylum seekers than us, I have not claimed otherwise the difference in the size of the 2 countries is enough to explain why this is.

We are the 15th largest country in Europe, so why are we 3rd in the rankings for how many asylum sekers we take in?

lets us again not get hung up on asylum seekers you have zoned in on this aspect of what we would like to do to change this country for the better.

As for anti-social youths, yes the provision of things to do and places to go is a very good idea, but there also must be some harsher punishments for those who do commit crime and their parents too.

Our military personal can be redeployed into policing and prisons, also I do beleive there is a place for using military on home soil, why not? They would be tackling crime and that is only a good thing.


I totally agree on the James Whale idea, I do like his passion though, I cannot understand how living in such an area has not made you as angry as me, I have not been witness to quite such crime, but the crime I have witnessed has made me angry enough to want to make redical changes.

I do get angry, but at the underlying reasons behind the issues. Bad parenting - a reliance on TV to raise your kids. An expectation that government is an exact science rather than a bunch of fallible human beings (hopefully) trying to do their best.

I don't like knee-jerk reactions to problems and I will always question the motives of most vociferous calls of control of how someone else lives their life.

To listen to the scaremongering you would think that every other person in the UK either wants to mug you, blow you up, rape you or steal your taxes by cheating the benefits system. It simply isn't true. The quality of life for the average person in this country, even those considered skint (and God knows I have been that person) is WAY above that of about 90% of the world's population. But people these days are so caught up in their trivial little petty pursuits that they never appreciate what living here actually means for them.

We're not perfect again, people sell products and seek power by telling you what is wrong and who's to blame and they've been doing it forever. Christ, how do you think Hitler rose to power?

Because we are a great nation and we fulfil some of our obligations to the rest of the planet. Considering the centuries of destruction and mayhem we caused at the height of the British Empire, I don't think its that unreasonable.

Where I come from, people wear it as a badge of honour that they've done time or been in trouble with the law. That isn't the problem. Not teaching people both life skills and job skills is the problem.

Also, you give a kid a criminal record and enforce the idea that they are a criminal, and that's what they will be for the rest of his or her life.

You need to give these kids the confidence, some of whom have never been shown encouragement by teachers or parents, that they CAN contribute something useful to society.

That said, some people are just scum and all the positive reinforcement in the world won't change that. But again, this is the tiny minority.

That's kind of absurd that you might think it is that simplistic. That is like me making a career as a baker and turning up for work one day to find out that without any say in the matter I am now a butcher.

I have worked with the Royal Marines on a documentary and believe me, if you were to arbitrarily tell them that they were all now prison officers they would almost certainly have you killed! lol

The role of the military is to defend our country against threats. It IS NOT to police british citizens. That is the beginning of what constitutes a dictatorship.


The military changing there vocations would be a purely voluntary one, I too know people in the military and I know some are ready to jack it in, but refrain from doing so because they fear what oportunities are available to them upon exit are not very good.

I would offer good jobs with good rates of pay to those wishing to leave.

The use of military personal here would not be a wide spread common occurence, but more of emergancy units available when needed.

I once was caught up in a riot that involved over 100 men, guns and all manner of weapons 3 people were killed and the police were very slow and disorganised and ill equiped to gain control of the situation, I would have been more than happy to see a 'continental' style military response using water cannons, gas, rubber bullets etc.. to gain control of the situation.


also this tiny minority have a large majority of control.

my local shop is a no go area after 9pm, there are streets near me that have white lines painted across the road stating 'no police past this line' and the police do not go passed those lines either.

Regardless of whether these types of people are a minority or not, would you not like to se them taken off your streets?


No they don't. There are some shitty areas out there, which is why we need better police, not more of them.



Not corroborated by numbers:
Population growth is in international comparison with 0.28% (2006 est.) comparably small.

Also the 2001 census has nothing to say about alleged overpopulation.

"Total crime peaked in 1995, and has since fallen by 44%"

Indeed there are problems with increased youth violence and anti-social behaviour related crimes (which are by the way on the rise in many western nations), but the overall trend is gowing down.

This is proper polemics, and nothing else. Interesting how you bring pedophiles into the mix - but the funniest part is the way you use the pauperism argument (and that got old with the US eugenics movement of the early 20th century). With these 2 paragraphs, you have left rational debate, as they clearly display a fearmongering rhethoric aimed at radicalising public debate, based on (hopefully) mistaken facts.

As the above trend is not corroborated by the figures, the following argument is kinda mute. The measures are classic right wing "law & order", "bring in the military to regulate civil society" and "re-engineer the social makeup of society by getting rid of undesirables". Yawn.

This is my feedback - I guess you should find most of these policies on the right fringe of the Conservatives, UKIP and the BNP. Under the election system, your party does not stand a chance and if you want your views to have an effect on policy, I suggest you join one of the two acceptable options above (I don't count the BNP as such).