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Live In or Around Minneapolis? Where Do You Train?


I’m moving to the Minneapolis area in a few months – specifically the western suburbs – haven’t found a good gym yet.

Any suggestions?



I just moved to Plymouth, where are you at? Unfortunately I’m not much help cause I have a gym in my basement, I just had to say hi.

I used to go to southside in burnsville, it was an awesome place, but I’m guessing burnsville is too much of a hike. Then i went to the press in shoreview, but they closed a few yrs ago.


My family and I ended up in Plymouth as well.

I’ve been training at Lifetime Fitness since we moved here. It’s surprisingly well equipped. Lots of half racks + lifting platform combos, a few full racks, bumper plates, the usual assortment of benches (even a competition bench), dumbbells, kettlebells, and such. There’s even a prowler.