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Live In or Around Minneapolis? Where Do You Train?

I’m moving to the Minneapolis area in a few months – specifically the western suburbs – haven’t found a good gym yet.

Any suggestions?


I just moved to Plymouth, where are you at? Unfortunately I’m not much help cause I have a gym in my basement, I just had to say hi.

I used to go to southside in burnsville, it was an awesome place, but I’m guessing burnsville is too much of a hike. Then i went to the press in shoreview, but they closed a few yrs ago.

My family and I ended up in Plymouth as well.

I’ve been training at Lifetime Fitness since we moved here. It’s surprisingly well equipped. Lots of half racks + lifting platform combos, a few full racks, bumper plates, the usual assortment of benches (even a competition bench), dumbbells, kettlebells, and such. There’s even a prowler.

I know this is an old thread, but I must second Southside Athletic! That place is the shit! They do lots of charity events (special olympics, hopekids, etc), so if you choose to try it out, you know your money is going to a good business. Several members drive in from 1 hour away.

I have also heard good things about American Strength in Maplewood too.

Los Champones in Minneapolis is also highly recommended if you can’t make it to Burnsville. I believe they have 2 Minneapolis locations!