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Live From the Arnold, Right Now!


Multi way tie for the oak.

Unless Thor zeroes the stone to shoulder this is his contest to lose.


Yeah looks like a half way decent showing and licis wins second. Really surprised me. He has a good future.

Unless Thor 0’s and licis wins 1st it’s game over


I agree with this entirely. Wish I couldn’t but anyways…


Martins rolled the stone off the stage. Whoops. Almost ran over magnus.

Mateusz -ski is a monster at that event.

Thor bags another one.


Yeah ski builds his dead lift up he’s gonna be hard to beat . He can put perform everyone on stones it seems, and hang with everyone on log. Wheel of pain wasn’t great for him and deadlift we knew would be bad. I believe he has an open invite to deadlift with Shaw and being that up. 1000+ deadlifter inviting you to train wouldn’t be a bad thing.