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Live From the Arnold, Right Now!


You can watch the strongman event live right now. The Deadlift.


Looks like Caron pulled a hammy or something.



(yeah, Caron is toast, that hammy has been bad for a while I think)


LOL!!! This event is absolutely insane.


Anyone see the wheel of pain for tomorrow?! So cool!

Halfthor in the lead after 2 events.


It was crazy to see a group of men where low 800’s seemed light. A lot of amazing pulls.


The Wheel of Pain is EPIC.

Maybe I’m over-reacting, but Brian Shaw seems to have zero athleticism compared to Hafthor. Shaw has come back to the field. I wouldn’t be surprised to see my man Maaarrtiiins!!! finish ahead of Shaw.


I am a Shaw fan and he looked good in the deadlift event placing 2nd but he wasn’t prepared at all for that stone he should have had a top 3 finish there at least. Thor has a 7 point lead after 2 he will have to tank in an event to lose


How about Novikov beating everyone besides Thor in the Husafell. Really impressive!

I’m definitely looking forward to the Wheel of Pain and to see some different techniques. Martins always seemed to push his chest into the implement with this weird rope thingy he used to practice, while Shaw seemed to be quite sure in a recent video that it would be much better to push with your arms extended.


Yeah I think it was a mis calculation on his part on that. I was very impressed though with novikov. Solid performance there. I’d expect Shaw and Thor to both do good on the wheel of pain from sheer size alone. Weight helps a lot when pushing. That doesn’t mean anything though. I think Kielakawski (idk if I spelled that right) will win stone to shoulder event like last year and he showed some impressive strength with the log press recently as well. I think that Shaw Thor will be competitors in log. But he will own the stone unless everyone got better over the year. But I saw Thor doing stone to shoulder and his technique was no better than last year. He just muscles it up and takes forever to do it.


Damn…brian shaw looks injured. Really bummed out… hope he gets top 3 finish at least


God damned, Novikov! Interesting technique on the Wheel and already beat some good guys.


He’s the lightest and youngest at this comp. Very impressive so far.


Martins takes the lead. Young gun comp.

Shaw is hurt. We’ll see what Thor does.


Licis is the new leader. Seems up until now as if bodyweight may not be quite as paramount in this event as many have predicted, with Licis and Novikov as 1 and 2 right now.

Kieliszkowski looked super pissed at himself.




I like Shaw, to be clear -great guy.

But if you watched the deadlift yesterday, Pritchett and Kieliszkowski had hamstring tweaks that appeared “worse”, whatever “worse” means. And that hamstring issue has cropped up at every big comp in the past couple years at least -it’s chronic, and will just not hold up to the big weights anymore it seems.

The hamstring has gotten into Shaw’s head, because he is not leaving it all on the table in terms of his overall effort. Thor basically passed out to try to win the event, that’s why Thor is in a league of his own now. Unless…Maaarrtiiiiinssss!!!


One final comment on Shaw.

In one of his videos (I think it was after he won the mini-Arnold in Santa Monica?), Martins Licis was asked who he thought the two guys he had to beat were, and he mentioned Thor and some other name I don’t remember. I thought, and so did the Youtube comments (of course, lol), that he had just forgotten to mention Shaw. But in hindsight, I think the top strongmen know what’s what…


Interesting viewpoint. Could it be that his age is catching up on him?


Just like big Z was dominant until he wasn’t. Do note that Shaw has always tried harder to win at WSM than at the Arnold. That’s why he has 4 of those and only 2 Arnold’s in the past 10 years.