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Hey guys I just started a 6 week cycle of halodrol and I have some Liv.52 on hand and was wondering how many I should take a day and at what times? With food or before meals like I’m seeing some places? Help would be appreciated. Thanks!

You should take it and put it in the garbage.

thanks very helpful…

[quote]anime wrote:
You should take it and put it in the garbage.[/quote]

Awful response tosspot.

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Hello fellow forum goers! I just purchased a bottle of garbage water. Its homeopathic. Where should I put it dear readers?

Hrm… that makes sense. Thank you for the answer, I really appreciate it. Here are some pics of me shirtless.

I use Liv.52 (to be precise, “LiverCare”, the US name for Liv.52) and I take it as instructed on the bottle: 1 capsule twice a day before meals. I’m not aware of any benefits/side effects of taking more than that. Maybe you could try and let us know :slight_smile: