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Littlelee Lifting And Sleeping Log


Haha I usually just get this clear coating thats supposed to strengthen the nails. Im more in it for the massage, foot soak. I also learned that my feet are abnormally soft/smooth, last time I went I was asked what lotion i use.


Squat Day-Cycle 4/Week One/

1x10-45 lbs warm up
1x5-95 lb warm up
1x5-105 lbs
1x5-125 lbs
1x7-135 lbs

Front Squat
3x10-65 lbs

Sumo Deads
5x5-135 lbs

Laying Leg Raises
3x10 (12.5 lbs) superset with:

Bulgarian Split Squats

If you read earlier post, please forgive and ignore it. I am a moody bitch right now.


You’re good, sometimes it can be tough to catch the “tone” of something via text. Most of the time it is simply us getting into our own heads, reading too far into stuff.


Thanks for this. I appreciate it.

I did read to much into it, and took it personally, which is all just a stupid reaction to stress that is completely unrelated.

Got to the gym and feel better.


I missed the earlier post. But I wish I had seen your claws and fangs come out. Kinda sexy. :joy::joy::joy:


Claws and fangs are good for people who deserve it, not so much in this situation.

Just having a hard time keeping myself together right now. So I do apologize if I was rude or offended anyone who read it.

Anyhow, 36 hours in 3 days. Have a good long weekend everyone.


Hang in there Girl legacy building ain’t easy


Missed the post too, but it might have been worth reading it, sounds like you were going mental.
That’s okay, steam have to come out sometimes :slight_smile:

Keep smiling LL “smile and wave, just smile and wave”


@2busy Has the cure. Deadlift! It fixes everything. I think he may be on to something!


@losthog @mortdk

Thank you! I am trying to be positive!


I would so much rather be deadlifting right now!!! Hard to make it to the gym with 12 hour shifts, I just can’t muster up the energy to go!


My daughter got into 4 schools, she is deciding between 2. The local one…and the 6 hour away one! Trying not to put pressure on her eithier way…it’s hard!

Hubby has had 3 job interviews, and 2 next week! Hoping something pans out soon!

And don’t you love when you put on clothes you haven’t worn in awhile and they fit weird, but not in a bad way?
I’ve put on 2 blouses I haven’t worn since last spring. They were both very tight across the back…woohoo…much better then putting on older pants and the waist doesn’t fit (my legs never do so I give up on finding squat friendly pants)


Tommy Topper here, I put in 15 hours yesterday. I’m spent. I don’t know how you do it multiple days in a row. Next weekend I’ll have back to back days of that. It’s going to hurt.

Make a pro’s and con’s list! Staying close to home could be a good thing. It’s familiar. You’re there. Could keep costs down by staying at home.

But going 6 hours away could also teach some good lessons such as being independent.

It looks like she has to decide between two good options.

Good luck to the hubby!


15 hours? Yuk! At least when my 12 is up, it’s done!!! Hope it’s not too hard on you next week. I think these long shifts age us more then anything else!

My daughter is wise, and we have discussed the options endlessly, I know she will do what is best for her, and we will support it! I am hoping she stays home…

I want you to think of this lovely schedule I have coming up…

Sun/mon/wed/thurs- 12 hour nights followed by sat/sun 10am-10pm…gonna die…


I would like to know who comes up with this crap! Studies all over the globe clearly state that shift work is bad for your health and we still see it prevalently used in the emergency services field. I don’t get it. I know we have to have people available 24 hours a day but there’s no reason to make people rotate throughout the week/month.

The only reason I’m working long days is because I signed up for extra work. I work my 10 hour day on patrol and then go hang out at the ballpark working as security for our pro baseball team.


I kinda did this to myself by picking up extra shifts…did not realize at the time what I was doing to myself.
I agree about first responders, low staffing and sick calls added on to existing 12 hour rotating shifts makes our jobs even harder then they already are!
At least part of your shift is fun :slight_smile:


You’re an inspiration!! If I had your work schedule you’d need to mop me up off the floor. Hang in there !


Thanks! Though you are a pretty busy lady yourself! If I had a choice, I would not be working these crazy hours. While I would like to say I get through them with a level head and grace, that is rarely the case. I become very impatient and bitchy and lazy…I covet dearly my days off, and it takes EVERYTHING in me to get to the gym, eat right, and do other stuff that needs to get done!

But we are strong woman, so we do what needs to get done right??


And, I have been inspired. I think I am going to do a powerlifting comp next year.


Damn LL that is some stupid working hours.

I know it’s your own choice but damn it’s some long days.


Need the money! Send positive thoughts for Wednesday! Once hubby is working again, I can stop this insanity! 9 hours and have 2 days off, so a bit of a break.


Bench Day-Cycle 4/Week 2- 5/3/1

Flat Bench
1x8-45 lb warm up
1x3- 65 lbs
1x3-75 lbs
1x10-80 lbs

Paused Flat Bench
3x8-65 lbs (3 second pause)
these were very hard and clearly demonstrated to me where my weak point is…will keep at them

Flat DB Fly’s
3x15-15 lbs superset with:


Seated Cable Rows
3x10-75 lbs

Typing this out it doesn’t seem like that hard a workout, but it was hard! I think I will be sore tomorrow. I suck at pushing!

I woke up a bit miserable today…sigh…I miss my alone time. Today is a holiday, so it seems working out is my alone time. Gonna grab breakie with the family, and then some household chores. Or a nap…hmmmm…