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Littlelee Lifting And Sleeping Log


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managed to get through my 12 hour shift with little to no pain, but woke up today and my foot is still quite sore. I think I might have to see a doctor, as nursing is 80% walking
PLUS THE FUCKING ICE STORM = staying inside and knitting! If I can drive tomorrow might try and make it to the gym. The foot pain is something I might just need to muddle through with for now.


Well shit! Hope you figure out what’s going on!


Squat Day- Cycle 2-Week Three-5/3/1

Back Squats
1x10- 45 lbs warm up
1x5- 95 lbs warm up
1x5- 115 lbs
1x3- 125 lbs
1x8- 135 lbs - REP PR

I got to put the big girl plates on, so excited!!! Thought maybe my balance would be a bit off from my foot issue, but these felt great!

Sumo Deads
5x5- 135 lbs

these are feeling easier and easier the more I do them, next cycle will add weight

Single Leg Press
3x12- 75 lbs per leg

Leg Raises

Not a bad workout. Foot is feeling better, but left out bulgarian split squats because balancing on my left foot might have caused some pain. I think I might have plantar fasciitis, which essentially needs rest, and meds for pain. Aleve is working well when it gets bad.

2 days orientation starting at hospice tomorrow. Excited and nervous!


Congrats LL

That is what I love about 5/3/1 you can go for those rep PR’s and feeling great everytime you get one.


It is a nice feeling, and I am definitely getting stronger…and I appreciate that


my old powerlifting training is kicking in, and I do REALLY MISS pulling for one rep maxes… like really itching to see what I could do now!!!


Then on the last week before the deload, go for a rep PR … take a rest and then keep building up to a 1RM, due to fatigue it won’t be a try RM but you get a couple of 1 reps in


This is my last week before de-load…I just have bench day to finish it out…so eithier I wait til next cycle ends, or maybe I could make my de-load fun?
Obviously I am just trying to hit some maxes…lol


If you’re not beat up, make it a fourths cycle and build up to a RM, then take the deload.
Might not be what Jim recommends, but we should have fun lifting.


Thanks 5/3/1 Dad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Hey congrats.

Looking forward to this haha


So first day (back) on orientation at the hospice.

Felt like home!

I have always felt like palliative care was my calling, and it took being back at the hospice to realize how much I missed it, and how my nursing heart was meant for this type of care!

Only need 2 orientation days as things have not changed much. So hoping to get my last bench day in tomorrow, before…woot woot…PR party!!!


Gaining a bit of size…



Great progress @littlelee. I think you’re going to make more than a couple people jealous with guns like that. :gun:


Bench Day-Cycle Two-Week Three-5/3/1

1x10- 45 lbs warm up
1x5-65 lbs
1x3-75 lbs
1x8- 80 lbs

Chin Ups (unassisted, no hop)

Dips (unassisted)

Wide Grip Lat Pull downs
3x10- 70 lbs

Meh! In an out today. Also lugging around 30 lb bag of dog food.

Husbands out there-be happy to have a strong wife who can help you move furniture, and pick up the huge ass bags of dog food.

Gotta take the kid to a consultation for braces (bye bye $5000)

Trying not to get too excited about deadlift PR day tomorrow, will be disapointed if I don’t live up to my own hype!


Looking strong!


Thanks! Weight is strong too…lol…


I think I need to start taking naps!


I knew there was a benefit to all that sleeping!


Looking good LL

Looking forward to your PR week.