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Littlelee Lifting And Sleeping Log


Hello all. A little about me. I am getting back into working out after an extensive time off. I was preparing for my first powerlifting meet, when I decided to go back to school, and developed some injuries which encouraged me to take some off.
Then I got lazy!
I am currently 5’0, 120 lbs, and female. I am not 100% sure if my goal is to compete, but I am lifting primarily for the big three. Any advice is welcome.

My personal bests are:(at 115 lbs)
Bench: 120 lbs
Squat : 225 lbs
Deadlift: 265 lbs

I have been doing some research about programs. I have been lifting for 10 years, and feel I need something more intermediate.
I like keeping a journal to keep myself accountable, and I always feel like I learn a lot from others experience. Please feel free to share advice/opinions.

My first workout back in a LONG time:

Squats (warmup only)
1x10-65 lbs
3x10- 95 lbs

My squats have suffered due to lots of hip tightness/pain.

1x5 ( 135 lbs)
1x5 ( 155 lbs)
1x3 ( 185 lbs)
2x1 (205 lbs)

Sumo deads
3x10 (135 lbs)
** you would think being short would make these easy, but I struggle with them as I am a back lifter**

Good mornings
1x10 (45 lbs)
1x10 (65 lbs)
5x5 (90 lbs) supersetted with:

3x 1 minute planks

More to follow! Thanks for reading


Welcome to T-Nation @littlelee. Beat @mortdk to it.


NOOOOOO the Slaya @duketheslaya beat me.
Well wellcome to the party Littlelee.
This is an awesome community way better than all those social things going on. Here we all have one thing in common.
And there are some pretty awesome girls too.
@planetcybertron, @Spock81, @jamie1888 for starters.

Some pretty awesome lifts you got in your luggage :slight_smile:
Good luck Lee.


Thanks for stopping in. Do you guys have a welcome wagon competition?


I will check out those journals thanks! Glad to have some support and accountability!


OMG, the soreness!!! It is always a battle for me to try and overcome it and get back into the gym. I hate getting older and my recovery being so poor. I struggled to heave myself out of bed this morning, and pretty much everything hurts. Despite this, I am going to try and fit in a workout this afternoon. How do others manage their DOM’s??


I go in and do a “pump” workout for the sore muscles the following day, increased blood flow and stretching seems to go a long ways for me.


Well, I have had to postpone 2 days of workouts due to terrible migraines. Dam weather, getting all warm and sunny messes with my head!! Anyhow, good workout today.

3x10- 65 lbs

So my bench sucks, it’s all related to poor tricep strength, which I need to work on. Plus, no trustworthy spotters at the gym make me wary to try to see what my 1pr is.

Military press:
1x8-45 lbs
1x8-50 lbs
1x8- 55 lbs

Pendlay row:
3x10- 65 lbs

Reverse flys:
3x10-25 lbs superset with:
3 x 15 - pushups

20 minutes walking my dog…that is enough cardio for me. I HATE cardio!!!


Alot of people here(Including myself) have had success with 5/3/1 if you are looking for a program to run. Tons of info on this site, billions of templates, you will be able to find something that suits you.


Thanks, I have actually been looking at that program…might have to tuck my pride in my back pocket for awhile but I like the progression of the 5/3/1… need to do some research! Thanks for the imput!


I have been MIA for a few days. I have been on night shift, and if anyone works nights you know how badly they mess with your head and body! I don’t know which way is up, but gotta fight through the pain!
I am gonna run some 5/3/1

Squat Day

Squats-warm up
80 lbs x5
95 lbs x5
105 lbs x15

So this felt good (til tomorrow). Trying to get my head around the slow and sure progression. Gotta get past my pride and just trust the process. Also, I think I am gonna fool around with some squat stances. My typical stance is a little further then shoulder width, toes out. I also go atg, not parrellel, and since I am not planning on competing I will focus on more full range squats (though I am pretty sure I would feel a lot stronger if I went parrallel)

BB lunges-3x10 (per leg) 45 lbs
Leg press-3x10-135 lbs
Hammy machine-3x10 (40 lbs)

Some minor stress-my beautiful bernese mountain dog has been sick, he has a congenital liver problem, causing ammonia buildup, leading to neurological issues (seizures, incontinence). He has been stabilized, and is doing much better, but he is on a lot of meds and just trying to get a hold of these meds is a hassle. So driving around to try and get them all together!
Have a good one!! Thanks for reading!


Hell yeah and good lucks, part of the reason for the slow progression and light TM is so you have the ability to perfect your technique, in the beginning, the hone your form for the lifts. So keep messing around till you find whats perfect!

Glad to hear the pup is getting better! My GFs cousin has a 2 year old Bernese and it is the best thing ever. I expect pics of the pup.


He is the best thing ever :slight_smile:


Hes so adorable!


It’s hard to stay motivated without a firm goal in place.
The year I turned 30 I decided I was going to do a fitness competition. You know the posing with the gymnastics/dance routine? I researched, and I started training on my own. I have myself a year to acheive this goal. I started at 100 lbs, 26% bf. I started a beginners strength training program, and ate! It was bliss. In 8 months, I was 115 lbs, 19% bf, I felt great, looked great and was really proud of myself. I created my own fitness routine, taught myself to pose, learned to bulk and cut, figured out that nasty tanning goop.
Then the dieting started. I hated every minute of it. I hated being so focused on every calorie, and how my body looked. The day I stepped on stage I was 99 lbs, 15% bf. By figure/fitness standards I looked great. I felt like shit. I was miserable.

I won first place!

I will never compete again.

I acheived my goal. I was proud to do it on my own, to have taught myself so much. Despite winning first place, being judged by other people regarding my physical appearance wasn’t my cup of tea. Neithier was dieting.
Within 2 weeks of competing I was back to 115 lbs, I was happy. I decided to try powerlifting.

Then life.
Went back to school.
Stopped lifting.
Stopped roller derby.
Stopped focusing on anything but my kids and school.

So what is my new goal? I think I need one. It drives me and motivates me. It CANNOT be about how I look. I want to eat, lift, enjoy training.

So deciding if I should train to do a powerlifting meet???


Do it up. They are a good time. Strongman too.


That was some dedication, wow.
I do believe that even when doing it together with another competitor it’s not easy. Doing it alone, seems almost impossible.
Take on powerlifting or strongman, put in the same determination and you will be rewarded.
You know your body, you know what it takes to grow muscles.
I do not compete, nor do I thing I ever will.
But I can feel on the people on this site that do, that it’s a very special feeling going to the bar or stone and own the damn thing.
If a competition don’t feel appeeling, at the moment.
Set yourself a goal: Squat, deadlift, bench, OHP a weight that’s challenging. Set a date for doing it see were you get.


Powerlifting maybe…strongman?? Doubt my local gym has the equipment…gotta sneak in chalk!


I have great respect for people who compete physique-it does take a lot of time and dedication!!
Good idea on setting some lifting goals. Gonna see how 5/3/1 treats me and set some once I get through some cycles.


I train at a local YMCA during the week, gets the job done. Improve some stuff there when I can. Otherwise, There are a few gyms(sub 1hr drive) around me that have strongman implements that I try to go to at least once a week to get some event training done. Maybe you would be able to do the same(If you are interested)