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Littlejimmy: Critique Me Please

training emphasis for the last 8 wks has shifted towards losing BF and maintaining muscle

have problems with upper chest fibres and bicep peak - any suggestions happily accepted

these place looks familiar, you from england?

You are looking good. Would be nice to see a older Pic (8 weeks ago :wink: ) to compare.
Tell us maybe something about your last 8weeks?

Past 8 weeks have been a mixture of maximal strength and hypertrophy work. Total Body, 6 exercises per session, 4 compound 2 isolation, hi intensity and low volume, to get BF down I Kettlebell once a week and do GPP once a week. I’m 78Kg at the mo down from 82KG

Next stage is to whittle the BF down to around 6% and maintain muscle, a difficult juggerling act.

Yes I am from the UK, the Gym is The Harbour Club in London - work

As for the haters and their bitching, all so easy to do from behind a screen.

Sprained both my ankles 6 months ago and have not beenable to do any calf work since then, it is a weak point I am addressing.

My Squat 1RM is around 155/160 KG so I’m lifting twice bodyweight, I’ve torn my QL 3 times squatting super heavy so I’m careful. Will post legs soon

I’ve always struggled building my chest and the last 6 months I have switched to doing incline presses on the smith machine, then dips then machine fly’s.

On shoulder day i start with military presses to the front using the smith machine. I also do lateral raises with one dumbbell lifting it with both hands. These exercises not only work your shoulders but also work your upper chest really well.

I know free weights should be better, but using the smith machine I am able to really focus on isolating the upper chest muscles and keeping perfect form.

For a nice shock I’ll do flat bench press every 3 weeks and then go to incline.

The Key is form, using perfect form and really squeezing your chest is so important. I?ve made a lot of progress lately.

PM if you want me to go into further detail as far as sets and reps.

  • Adam

How tall are you?

What did you do diet wise during the past 8 weeks?

lookin ripped mate; good work.

nice photography there too, must have been taken by an expert :wink:

[quote]Mel1 wrote:
How tall are you?

What did you do diet wise during the past 8 weeks?[/quote]


diet was just simple, keeping it very clean. Eating every 2 hours, plenty of protein mainly. I’ve cut out all starchy carbs, my carbs are all veggies.

I keep at around 12% all year roun anyway so getting down to single figs was just a case of adding a GPP session and some Kettlebell training. One thing I will say is take your time with cutting, I did it last year to below 6% and I lost way to much muscle and looked flat

I think you look really great. Love the abs.