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Little to No Libido

Hello Gentlemen: I am a testosterone Addict.Lol… Actually I am a ex-competitive jr. national Canadian competitor,from 1977- 1984. From 17 to 24 I used primarily dr, rx testosterone enanthate and the adjunct oral’s,all legally prescribed in high doses by my many dr’s.

I was also injured at work and was off steroids/training for a good 10,or so yr’s I alway’s made above average muscle gain’s accompanied by good bodyfat of 10 to 15%.In my day 10% was extremely good and competitive High level guy’s where no lower than 6%.

I am 54 and use to maintain.I am 6-2 and 240Lb’s at 16% bodyfat according to a Dexa scan.But my Sex drive seem’s to be Low,very-Low.I can get an erection,but I don’t get HORNY??I was wondering about any drugs to increase Desire,not function,but desire?I was looking on this peptide board and say this drug 141 brom.something,also I take hgh at 3i.u’s a day and it’s not worth the money.If my insurance didn’t cover it,i would not use it.hgh is highly Over-Rated thank’s john