Little Tips, Big Change

Anyone have any small tips that can be incorporated into your training for immediate results?
The best tip I’ve heard, from Mel Siff, is to squeeze the glutes when overhead pressing. This protects the back and prevents rotation of the pelvis.

Sounds good. I’ll squeeze the glutes of the next girl I see overhead pressing.

I am ripping off Poliquin’s Kaizen Principle here, but it’s true: continual micro-loading will pay off in the long run. Platemates have been a great addition to my gym bag arsenal.

Since I’ve used this tip many times I will advise you, squeeze and then get out! Loaded barbells on the head hurt a bit.
Seriously though, anyone else got some tips?

Just before launching your deadlift off the floor, squeeze your sphincter muscle in addition to your glutes.

Keep the upper back tight the glutes contracted and squeeze the bar as hard as you can during a bench press attempt.

Keep the lower back arched, upper back tight and elbows down when you squat.

What you ask for is too much! There are about a million of those little tips and I’ve probably heard of one for every exercise there is. Here’s one for abs. When performing any type of crunch or situp, try to first activate the hamstrings and glutes and disengage the hip flexors. Doing so transfers all the stress to the abs.

From Charles Staley, use bar speed as the determinent of fatigue.

Anyone else have a tip?

Push the ground (with you feet) when squating, deadlifting, OL, etc.

Speaking of squeezing glutes, do it when your doing barbell curls. Also try pushing your pelvis forward in addition to the squeezing of the buttocks during barbell curls.

Change your diet.

Break the excentric-concentric chain for faster strength gains…

Sit back on your squats. Like you’re shittin’ in the woods and don’t want to get any on your shoes.

Best tip i ever got/gave:

Read Testosterone

“immediate results”–strength or hypertrophy? (or safety?)

Any and all useful tips.

Funny. I read this thread right before training and tightened my glutes and contracted my quads HARD, reps for military were very much improved. No other changes

Ditch the straps on deadlifts, chins, etc. If you can’t grip it, you can’t lift it. Plus, training without straps will improve your forearms.

Glad to see someone applying these tips with good results.